Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Top 5 pieces of evidence Al is SO my kid

5. She can shake it like a Polaroid picture and will do so at the drop of a hat (I unfortunately have shaken it for much less)

4. She has never played with Barbies. Never! I never did either as a kid, I would have much rather been outside playing. (she does that she's finally mastered the bicycle!)

3. Math is just never going to be what she majors in college. Yeah, that's a gimme.

2. Jewelry? Who needs jewelry? Give us Gameboy and Playstation games.

and the number one piece of evidence Al is SO my kid:

1. She got her card pulled today for peeking in the boy's bathroom. Yeah, that's my kid.


Vajana said...

oooOOooooh...note to self...those beers definitely became unlucky the morning after...ooooooooOoooh

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