Saturday, May 30, 2009

Thursday, May 28, 2009

book club

i put this pic up, becuz this is the one i like better, Mo did something that made Al and I laugh, and Rug was, well being Rug, so this fits us nicer than the 'posed' pic from before. Love it.

I went to Borders with the girls the other day as we had some time to spare, and I was looking for a book someone had suggested, "I am the Messenger". I looked everywhere, but could not find it, and had a 2-year-old tearing through there knocking books down and causing havoc, so I just gave up. I grabbed a quick Greece travel guide for LP and of course the other 2 had already picked out about 15 books between the two of them, of which I told them to narrow down to one each.

At the counter, the woman at the register said, "Did you find everything?" a question I know they are required to say to me, to get that one last sale, and I said, "NO DAMMIT! i NEED A book to read! and I can't find one!"

(you who have read my blog for years know, of course i didn't say this but it sounds so much better than the 'not realllly' that was uttered). She pointed to a stack of books next to the register and said, "this will make you laugh". I grabbed one off the top, gave it to her to scan and said, 'Done.'

I NEVER do this. I have to know about a book before I buy it, and really want it. It takes at least one good review or recommendation for me to even get a book at the LIBRARY.

When I got home, I started to read it, and could barely get through the first chapter. This was with LP watching baseball, and Rug and Mo wrestling on the bed I was trying to read it in.

The next night I gave it another try, and could not put it down. Then of course, I made the biggest reading mistake and read the rest of it in one night. Now I'm sad it's over.

In the first few pages, we learn about the main character, who used to work in bookstores, and who talks about how her and her co-worker would NEVER suggest the books near the cash register, as they were usually the ones the publishers are trying to push, but instead take the reader to Jane Eyre way in the back.

At that point, I realized I had just been duped by a publisher...but happily so. Because although I read (and loved) the publisher's pushed also convinced me to go read Pride and Prejudice, a book the character would have recommended instead anyway!

Now I'm off to start another book, one I've already decided I probably won't love, since it's about CANCER and really, not too excited to read but it was a gift, so I feel compelled. After that I'm re-reading "On a Pale Horse" a Piers Anthony book I read in junior high, about the Immortal Death, that I want Al to read but want to be sure it's not too racy for her...and then Pride and Prejudice is next on the list.

So I'm not the lady at the cash register, and I would wholeheartedly recommend "The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society" to anyone who wants a good, funny read. You'll love it. Just get past the first chapter. :) In a sense, it reminds me of my internet friends, people whom I have never met, and probably never will, but we can band together and feel as close as anyone can in 'real' life. My own society, as it were.

No potato peels though. That's just gross.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


i meant to add a pic onto that previous post. So here's one.

yes! It's me! I'm blogging!

can I organize my thoughts into one coherent post or not is the question though. Probably not. I feel like I am putting together a Power Point presentation sometimes when I think about blogging. Put in my most important points with asteriks, timeline them, and put a small paragraph or two on the main ideas. My English teacher would have been so proud of my outlining abilities.

But I chuck it all and throw caution to the wind, instead just typing as I go and not knowing what might come out.

I've lost my voice the last few days, so that is probably the catalyst for my writing. I can't speak, but I can type, by golly. LP is enjoying it thoroughly, because when I try to speak I sound like a forlorn bullfrog, and even I can't stand the sound of that.

It's the last week of school for Al, and on Friday she will be a....SEVENTH GRADER. Dear Lord in Heaven pray for me. Also, I've become the mom from "Because I said so" in that there is this boy who just LURVS him some Al and she is so nonchalant about him...and I am all, "AL! He is SOOOO cute!! Are you kidding me!!" and she is, of course, all, "WhatEVER mom (tween eye roll)". Ah, do you realize when I started this blog she was in 2nd grade? Holy cripes.

Both of my kids are going back to the private school next year. Both of them were SUPPOSED to go to the public school, but somehow they coerced us into staying. Not sure how I feel about that yet, but I know they will both be happy there at any rate. Just hope it doesn't make them too sheltered is all....

RUG still has a few weeks of school left, she is at the public school right now...they leave in June for Greece, and I am still torn about whether to go or not. I have a small window of opportunity if I do go. Anyway, her grades have improved significantly at the public school, esp. in READING (she likes to read! And gets books without me begging!) so I was disappointed when she said she wanted to go back to the other school. I know it's because it's been hard making friends for her, but I do wish she would have given it more of a chance. Funniest thing she did lately: For Mother's Day, she wrapped up an old bracelet of mine, with a card attached that said: "Please check here if I'm the best kid ever: Yes: No: "

She is awesome.

Mo is crazier every day. We have yet to set sail for the Potty Training Island but that will be here soon enough. Sneezing in front of Mo is the best, the way she says, Bless you! and then you say thank you, her 'You are WELCOME' is the sweetest thing since the invention of Laffy Taffy. Also, she really, really loves rocks.

My goose family has grown, because apparently they told their goose cousins about our place and so we now have 3 families of geese on our pond. Makes for a lot of cute gosling sightings.

On an unfortunate note, a bird has tried multiple times to create a nest in our BBQ grill. And she is PISSED about us taking it out every day. I feel bad, cuz, really, flying from here and there with all those twigs and such? TONS of work I'm sure. Only for her to find it gone again the next morning? Yeah, I'd be chirping my head off too. LP finally duct taped the holes on the side so she wouldn't start again. I love me some birds, but I really love LP's BBQ more, sorry.

Finally, last note, Debutant passed away yesterday, which just SUCKS for anyone who was ever touched by her, including ME. She was a beautiful soul, and will be missed terribly. I am in conjunction with Circus Kelli, trying to start up a Twitter page so her 'daily assignments' can continue as a tribute to her and her universal awesomeness.