Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Expectations and Travel

This is not a pre-thought-out post, so bear with me. I type as I think, it's not good but you'll have to take what you can get here. Miss M only lets me have a few moments to myself.

I figured something out: Upon reading other blogs, I realize others travel a HELLUVA lot more than I do. Weekend trips are nothing to many people. Going to Las Vegas for the weekend is a pasttime and doesn't require much thought for some.

But to us, it was a VBD (very big deal). There was a lot of planning, researching, deciding, etc. etc. I put a lot of effort into it. And having done that, before I left I realized one thing:

No expectations. That is the key to happiness.

I took things in stride, and there were a lot (LOT) of small things that could have totally hacked me off but I let them all go. I was on vacation after all, with the man I chose to be with for the rest of my life, celebrating 10 years of that.

It was a blast. I had a great time.

We didn't do all that much, but just hanging out (no kids) and being with my friends (no kids) and my husband (and no kids) was just all I needed (sleeping in with no kids and lots of lovin').

As the minister said, we needed to recharge our batteries. Truer words could not have been said. And trust me, LP did a LOT of recharging, va-va-va-VOOM! heh heh.

When you are with a bunch of people it is inevitable that someone is not going to be happy but there was no way I could let that prevent myself from having fun. Again, expectations.

LP and I have decided we need to do that a lot more than every 4 years and plan to probably make it a yearly event, not necessarily to Vegas but at least somewhere sans children. I also realized all I have to do it drink a bottle of wine before takeoff and flying is easy breezy for me.
In conclusion? Drinking is fun. Wear comfortable shoes REGARDLESS of how awesome those kick ass Michelle K shoes look like, bring lots and lots of one dollar bills, you won't make everyone happy, and just keep smiling.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Vegas, we hardly knew ye

And yes, he was looking into my EYES.

more to come!

Saturday, February 17, 2007

It is Official

I believe I have garnered the award for Most Puking in One Year.

If you recall, I started out 2006 with the stomach flu. Then in February I became pregnant with Little Miss M, and for 40 weeks threw up on a regular basis (in a port-a-potty no less). Well, for my 10th wedding anniversary I kept the good times a coming, and my streak has yet to end.

Wednesday LP and I decided that instead of spending mucho $$ on a stupid dinner where we'd have to wait for hours, we'd just go to a local Chinese buffet with the kids.

Where else can you get sushi for $7.95?

Red flag right there, right? Like, hello, I should have totally thought that out before eating RAW FISH from a place that advertises the lowest prices in town. Not a good idea on my part.

While we were sitting there, LP and I observed a guy with an Afro the size of my youngest offspring go up to the buffet with a COMB stuck in his hair, 'adjust' the comb, then help himself to some fried rice.

Another red flag here: Do NOT, under ANY circumstances, sit directly in site of the buffet table.

Next we observed a woman head for the buffet.

This woman was plump, and in any other setting I may even say she looked jolly and sweet. She had a knitted hat on, adorned even with the cute little pom poms hanging off the ends.

But she had HAIR.

Lots and lots and lots of orange, frizzy, unkempt HAIR.

And instead of taking her cute little Mrs. Claus hands and moving her mass of locks behind her shoulders, she instead thought it necessary to leave her locks covering her jolly bosom.

Right smack dab into the Egg Drop Soup.

So it really isn't a big surprise at all to me that about an hour later I was hurling my sushi roll into the toilet. Again. I spent my f**king 10 year anniversary curled up in a ball in my bathroom, puking my guts out.

And then it occurred to me.

I was doing this EXACT same thing 10 years ago to the day!


Tuesday, February 13, 2007

12 Weeks

Well Divine Miss M, today you are 12 weeks old. I would write this next week when you 'officially' turn 3 months old, but my guess is that your momma will be too busy packing away all the trashy linger-ee (what your poppa calls it) for my trip to Vegas. And if that last sentence doesn't tell you how much I need to get away, well, then you're too young to understand.

You have your good days and your bad, just like all of us. Friday you cried pretty much all day long, and I almost lost it and drove the minivan straight off a cliff, but in Illinois a cliff was tough to come by. They don't let you open the windows at the top of the Arch, so that wasn't an option either.

Your smiles absolutely melt my heart. See above for reference.

What's up with the not sleeping during the day at all? I think the longest nap you've had was 20 minutes. I guess that I traded naps for you sleeping through the night, I'll take it!

Yesterday I did something incredibly tragic. You were fussing a bit so I set you in your Bumbo in front of the monitor and put on "Boohbah". You were entranced. They are like Teletubbies on acid, which is almost an oxymoron. Whoops! It was really funny to watch such a young baby be thrilled at weird blobs of goo the way you were though.

I knew having a little baby would be hard, and getting used to a car seat all over again has proved to be challenging, but when I get you dressed in the morning and you are wiggling your little feet and making noises, it reminds me again why I started all this in the first place.


Tomorrow is my 10 year wedding anniversary. I hope I get some sushi!!

Monday, February 12, 2007

I can't...I can't...

Can I justify spending $200 for a ticket???

Oh hell yeah I can.


July 2nd St. Louis!!

Friday, February 09, 2007

Never gonna keep up

Why do I feel so guilty when I haven't blogged? Ahh yes, my Catholic upbringing. Gotta love the guilt.

Yesterday I RAN 2 miles for the first time in over a year. Yes it almost took me 25 minutes but who cares. I ran. It felt SO liberating. For some reason I was under the assumption that my gym only took babies after one year old, but I called and they said "six weeks". Damn, so I could have been running my buns off on a treadmill for over a month now? Oh well. Better late than never. It felt so goooooooooood. I have to get back into shape to run the Susan Komen Race for the Cure in June, it's a tradition, and last year was my first time missing.

Have I mentioned lately how awesome it is to NOT be pregnant? And how annoying it is to hear people say, "Oh, my pregnancies were all very easy." Yeah, well suck it. I read on Klog's blog the other day a quote from Katie Couric, "When you're not dealing with health issues and not feeling terrified every day, you don't appreciate how lucky you are." That is so true. Throwing up every single day and feeling just icky for 9 months (40 weeks) I now appreciate that I don't feel that way anymore and am able to let a lot of things slide right off my shoulders!


I bought my dress to renew my vows in. It is so va-va-va Voom and I love it. You can see it here. Of course I will look exactly like the model wearing it when I wear it. And a few teenage girs were trying on prom dresses when I was and I told them I was going to prom with my much younger boyfriend. One of the girls said, "I didn't doubt it for a second." I love girls with a sense of humor.

I also tried Mystic tanning for the first time last night. Hoo boy. Nobody told me how freaking COLD it was. I had to bite my lower lip to hold in my scream! I didn't wipe my wrists well enough apparently, and I had a throwback to 1987 when Q-T was the rage and my hands turned orange. But I'll get it right next time, and by Vegas I'll look somewhat normal. As normal as I can get, anyway.

Makenna is doing well, she is turning 12 weeks old next week and has finally understood the concept of day=awake, night=sleep. That's a good step, next will be to hold her own bottle, so as to not interrupt my very important game of Mah Jongg. What? You're 3 months old in this house you'd better be able to feed yourself by golly!

Tonight is yet another trivia night. Last time I went to one it was the day before my due date, and I was having labor pains. This time I plan on having some other excuse for not knowing what the name of the first railroad was. Wish me luck!

Thursday, February 01, 2007

2 months old

My little buttercup has the sweetest smiiiiiiillllleee.......