Friday, April 01, 2005

all about me

Because I should be cleaning my house, instead I'm doing stuff like Google-ing my name. So there is no confusion, THIS

is NOT me. But I am like, 1/32 Native American so maybe she and I can do a Jana tour someday. All I have to do is learn to sing and have a little plastic surgery to look like her.

But I do like this:

Everything to do withJana

What more can I girl ask??

Man I guess I really do need to find some Scissor Sisters to get my butt going to clean this house!


paintergirl said...

Boy, when you here Scissor Sisters do Comfortably Numb, you'll always want to hear Pink Floyd done this way.

Vajana said...

i listened to it...and normally hate rip offs but it was pretty good. I didn't have time to sample the others but I will.

ooh a top 5 worst cover songs is definitely coming up soon.