Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Trying to find a picture of all 3 of the girls has proved impossible...but this pic of Miss M describes the details of my life at this point.

Still trying to get over this thing my doctor has dubbed "just the way Jana is built". I'd love to see him deal with eating a hamburger at a new acquaintance's house and having to immediately use the restroom, and not wanting to destroy any semblance of future invites due to what will go in the restroom, make up a stupid excuse to leave because you want to go home and use your OWN bathroom where all is safe and, well, this is already too much information. I've been trying to adjust my diet and it looks like I'll be eating leaves and bananas for the rest of my life.

The main reason I started this blog was to document the going ons of my family. Shows you how awful I am...Miss M took her first steps last week. Tuesday. She of course, will only take them if I'm on one side and LP is on the other, any other set up and she refuses. Who could blame her? Her steps are hilarious, and she would much rather jump face first into the carpet than move her feet. And she thinks that is So funny. She also got a 'one year old' car seat, so now she can see how bad a driver her Mommy truly is. And, to top the weekend off, she dropped a can of soup on her foot. Painful yes, but fortunately this was the only injury of the week, which was much better than the week before when we called Poison Control twice and a keyboard fell on her head.

Third children, they are tough.

Since this past weekend was a 4 day weekend for the kids, and NO soccer (woo hoo!) I demanded forced family Time and we played "Guesstures" which is basically charades with cards. Rug was on LP's team, but I was helping her with the reading. The card she got said "Vomit" and she chose that. WHen it came to act it out, she started holding her nose and waving her hand near her butt. I looked quizzically at her. Apparently she thought 'vomit' was another word for 'fart'. Yes, I'm teaching them so well.

And lastly, we had Parent Teacher conferences. Both girls got straight A's, but now that Al is in 5th grade she gets on the Honor Roll.

I usually check her homework, but I don't check math anymore as she was getting a few B's on it after I'd checked it. So LP started doing it, and last week when he checked it, she got a 'C'. Well, that didn't fly with him and he had to make sure they were checked correctly, because, God forbid, he be wrong! And, as it turned out, she got 2 right that were marked wrong (by a classmate). in our conference, her teacher brought this up, and told us that Al had told him, "my Dad refuses to be wrong." Hilarious.

At Rug's conference, she had to write a story about why she was thankful for her family. She wrote: "I'm thankful because they always forgive me when I get in trouble."

Oh, no truer words have been said.

Friday, November 02, 2007

Teething babies ain't for wussies

Everyone in the SayQua household is sick. Papa is congested and everyone in the 10 block radius knows about it. When he is sick, the world comes to a screeching, undeniable halt. Tip toeing on feathers and clouds would not be a good enough route to take when he is trying to sleep.

Rug and Al, both begged Mom this morning to let them stay home, due to the sniffles and what not.

Momma said no way, two tests apiece and I ain't studying for them twice. Get ta school. Off they went.

So, through all of this, Momma has been having some serious intestinal problems which may or may not be treated with chalky pink liquids or just being within 4 feet of a lavaratory at any given moment. So severe, Momma is going to a doctor next week for some testin'.

Aye, but I digress.

Miss M has been the toothless wonder long enough, apparently. She has decided in the past week to sprout not one but THREE teeth, back to back. I'm in teething Hell.

Tonight, after all the other SayQuas had taken their Nyquil and settled down for a long seems-like-winter nap, Miss M starts screaming. Wailing. Squealing. For OVER AN HOUR AND A HALF she screams.

I finally couldn't take it anymore and went into LP's den of wooziness (we were in the living room) and woke him up to tell him I wanted to take her to the hospital.

By the time we got to the couch she was FAST ASLEEP.

Sleeping like a baby, as it were.

Now everyone is asleep. But me.

For the record, if anyone asks in the future, this would be the night my downward spiral into insanity began. Yep.