Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Conversations with Rug

Scene: Driving on a road we come across a trestle with graffiti written all over it.

Rug: I bet teenagers did that.

Me: I bet you are right, honey.

Rug: Well, if that was me, I'd get some paint and draw over it, "THIS IS NOT NICE. IT'S JUST A SHAME."

Me: Oh! Well I guess that might teach them.

Rug: (pause) Yeah.

Me: (silent)

Rug: Then I'd punch them in the face.

Me: That might not be a good idea.

Rug: Mommy, I promise I will not write on stuff when I'm a teenager.

Me: Good.

Rug: (Longer pause) Well, okay I'm not going to pinky-promise that though.


Circus Kelli said...

Hee... you have to admire that honesty. :)

Vajana said...

yeah let's just hope she's that honest at 16!

Circus Kelli said...

Amen, sistah!

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