Monday, April 25, 2005

Only enough we can handle???!?!?!

Dear God or whoever is running this thing:

Okay. My husband is not perfect. He cannot get the clothes into the hamper, but he certainly gets close. He doesn't send me flowers and sometimes he curses a lot.

But let's give him a break okay?

In August you let his grandpa pass away. 2 weeks later, his brother was hit by a car and put into a coma. In September you lightened up a bit and gave him a promotion, only to triple his working hours.

In January you had his back go out.

Now you have his grandmother get a hole in her intestines??? don't ya think you are working overtime here?

I know you are a workaholic, I mean, geez you created all this in 7 days without a break. Good job. But please, just take it easy on the fella. He's a good chap.



Circus Kelli said...


I'm sorry your Hubby (and your family) is having so much happen in succession like that.

You will be in my thoughts.

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