Sunday, September 30, 2007

Pet Peeve #5,328

When I have been obviously scouring the house clean all morning, having already made breakfast, bathed baby, started, switched and folded laundry, took out the trash among several other things not meant for Sunday mornings, say to me,

"I need you to do me a favor."

And then expect a jovial and compliant response as opposed to a sarcastic one in return.

Not. Going. To. Happen.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Strange Times

well I was supposed to be in Kansas City tonight watching David Beckham play soccer. But since he is now in the DL list, that was not going to happen. But today apparently his dad has had a heart attack and he had to fly to the UK to see him. Hope he is OK. Heaven knows if I see video of David crying, well, that will be all that is left of me.

Guess what I did for my birthday? Oh my goodness. My parents wanted to take me out to dinner and suggested something that ends in "Roadhouse". Now, being a child of the 80s, first thing that popped into my head was, Patrick Swayze doing hot shirtless yoga. Uh, yeah, not so much. This was a peanuts on the floor, loud Toby Keith playing, roadhouse. I was not happy. Plus my mother insisted on telling the cowgirl waitress it was in fact my 34th birthday and she replies that all birthday cowgirls have to ride the saddle.

Excuse me?

The table next to us was also having a birthday, and to my HORROR, I saw them wheel a saddle in front of the table and force the woman to ride it and shake a napkin in the air, while she announced to the crowd it was "Charlene's ____ birthday let's all give her a rowdy YEE HAW!" and of course, like cattle do, the place erupted in a sing song "YEE HAW" for poor Charlene.

Bonus for me though. I have a 7-year-old daughter who was more than willing to substitute saddle riding for me. Unfortunately, my mother insisted I do the napkin waving. YEE HAW!!!

All this, and I realize that the guy I had a super crush on in high school was the manager of the joint, watching me the entire time.

On the way home, it occurs to me I have not had cake. So I make LP stop off at the gas station so I can at least have some chocolate, for Pete's sake (yee haw).

I walk in and there is a cute, waifish girl searching the candy section. She says to me, "My boyfriend told me I have to come out with either candy or liquor." I told her it was my birthday and I didn't get cake. We met eyes, feeling sorry for each other simultaneously.

As I walked out with my Reese's peanut butter cups, she wished me a happy birthday. It was the nicest gesture I'd had all day.

Yee haw.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

So today...

Today is International Tool day. Feel free to make any jokes there you want.

George Gerswin was born on this date.

So was Olivia Newton John.

And Serena Williams.

And me!!!!!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Wild weekend

Well, she figured out how to move the gate. So we finally moved the cat food downstairs. I was worried that the cats wouldn't get it, and it's still confusing them quite a bit but I think they will get a handle on the situation shortly. They're cats, it's food, they will figure it out.

The Italianfest was this weekend, and though there ain't a spot of Italian in either LP or myself, we got our drink on. In the Midwest, you really don't have to have a reason to drink, but we like to make up reasons to celebrate. I so love Blue Moon. Deelish, but will hit ya hard. There was a drunk gal in the bar we ended up with, wearing a tiara and apparently drinking alone, and she insisted on dancing with all of us. I like those kinds of gals. Especially when she is belting "Love Song" by Tesla at the top of her lungs, while normally would be unacceptable, in that setting is welcomed with open arms.

It's the week of my birthday and I will be having sushi by the weeks' end! Hopefully red velvet cake, too. That would be great for the anniversary of my 29th birthday.

Friday, September 21, 2007


Originally uploaded by Vajana

So we are going TODAY to get one of those big gates to keep from the cat food. It was funny at first, not so much anymore. Especially when we are late for a soccer game and you have dumped the entire cat water bowl on your face.

I love how no matter how crabby you are, Patty Cake will send you giggling in an instant.

Mommy chews a lot of gum, I know, and you find it fascinating. You stick out your tongue in hopes I will do the same, so you can see the amazing wad of stuff i'm gnawing on. Gum, it is quite a wonder.

You laugh all the time. Except when someone is trying to take expensive pictures of you.

10 months is far too close to one year. I'm not ready to give up my baby just yet. So don't get too mad when I'm still cradling you when you're 12.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

On Your Shelf

I was listening to a song this morning on the radio by Pearl Jam and the lyrics alluded to meeting a person from your past. It resounded with said:

"Me you wouldn't recall, for Im not my former Its hard when youre stuck upon the shelf"

It has just stuck with me...people who I knew still have the same image of me as they did, and I am completely different. Some I have met I'd like to have them preserve me on that shelf, others I'd much prefer them to take that former me off the shelf and experience the new me....either way I wonder what version of me is sitting there, and if they think I'm a tired knick knack or a precious heirloom.

In other thoughts, I realized today that my name would be great for crossword puzzles.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Trying to Digest it all

A post has been swirling around in my noggin for awhile now, and it is still cooking up there. I'm still here, and still visiting everyone, cept for my own blog.

The weather is beautiful here, so why would I want to sit in front of a computer and type? The leaves are about to change, and with them I'm hoping to change too.

A friend called me the other day to tell me a girl I knew from the gym had killed herself. I was stunned. This girl was a vision of perfection, beautiful, sweet, had a gorgeous kid and great job. It completely blind sighted me.

The visitation was packed. I waited over an hour in line to give my condolences to her family. Her mom said to me, "If only we could have had these people line up to tell her how great she was when she was alive."

So true.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

House Hunting and Other Lame Adventures

There is an episode of Seinfeld in which Jerry and Kramer are talking about marriage and Kramer says, "Oh no Jerry, you don't want to do that. You can't just sit on the couch and watch TV while you're eating dinner. You have to sit at the table. And you know what you have to talk about? You have to talk about your day. 'How was your day today?' 'I don't know how was your day today?'

That is my life. Or, for another comparison, "time to make the donuts."

The house hunting is ALL we do. "Did you like that house?" "I don't know, did you like that house?" Over and over and over again.

If we don't find a house by March, we're staying put. And saving up to build. We'll just have to put the baby in the laundry room, because the whole sharing a room for Rug and Al is NOT working out so great.

Next week is LP's birthday and I hope to get some sushi. Then my birthday is the week after that, so that means only one thing...more sushi.

And we will be eating it on the couch. In front of the TV.