Sunday, April 24, 2005

Top 5 men I lust besides my gorge-ous hunk of a man-husband

Because sometimes I need to entertain the "Teen Beat" girl inside of me:

5. Noah Wylie. I have watched "ER" only a handful of times, but the one episode I did watch was him getting stabbed or something, and it had this great song in the background, which I searched for and finally found and listen to every day on my iPod. The song was called "Battle Flag" and has absolutely no bearing on Noah's hotness, but whatever. Move on.

4. David Duchovny. (a friend of mine calls him "Dutch oven". Why?I personally think Duck Anchovy would be more appropriate)

3. Brad Pitt. You cannot deny him. You just can't.

2. Matthew McConaughey. Naked bongos? I'm in.

And the #1 man I so totally lust over.....

1. David Beckham. He is just wow.


paintergirl said...

I have been called boy crazy and yes I am married to a very attractive man also.
My top 5-Robert Carlyle, Gryff Ifans,
Rhys Ifans(no relation, except they are both Welsh),Marc Bolan(he's dead)
and well Syd Barret(and he is crazy)

xcohn said...

matthew McCoanughey...all of him..sort of..very funny...

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