Sunday, April 30, 2006

Meal Makers

Has anyone tried Meal Makers? It's new here, and I was wanting to try it out. You go to this place, and they have all the ingredients to make 12 dinners, and give you stuff to freeze all the dinners in. It would be a Godsend once this baby comes.

This weekend, glad it's over. We had a bit of a nasty soccer game today, when one of the other soccer parents on the other team mocked one of our kids when she was excited about scoring a goal for us (they were winning 4-1, so it's not like he was being a sore loser). LP told him to show some sportsmanship, and Ol' Man shut the hell up. Why such nastiness?

On happier news, I went to a Baby Fair today, in hopes of scoring some free goodies. I got a nice little diaper bag, a free "Dr. Brown" bottle, some Enfamil and a baby spoon. Score! Doesn't take much to make me excited.

I was a bit put off however, when I saw my doctor there and proceeded to introduce my husband. She not only blew me off, but kinda blew him off too. Granted I've only gone to her once, but still. I'd like to think my doctor would remember me. Whatever, she was the one handing out the free diaper bags, so I'm not complaining. Well, okay, I guess I am. But as a wise man once said, I can't complain, but sometimes I still's been good to me....yeah, you know the rest.

On the morning sickness front, hasn't gotten much better, but someone suggested sucking on hard candy so I'm gonna try that. The only thing still that I can keep down, are McDonald's cheese burgers and apples. Mmm I'm gonna go get me a Pink Lady right now.

I had a dream last night that I went to this 80's toy store, and it had EVERY toy from the 80s you could imagine. I was on information overload, and was grabbing every Strawberry Shortcake doll I could hold. I went by the Wuzzles, though, they always kind of freaked me out. My brother used to always say they lived too close to a nuclear power plant or something.

This week we have a field trip to a dairy farm, sign ups for swim team, "Girls Night Out" (with my mother, so it's the 60+ crowd), Cinco de Mayo that I will be the DD for, and a short trip to Champaign Illinois for a soccer tournament. Hopefully it will not require bringing the Sock Em Bop Ems.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Time for an anatomy lesson

Scene: In the car ride home from school.

A: 8 year old
R: 6 year old
Me: Yeah, that's me.

A: Oh my gosh Mom, the second grade boys are so mean! And...well, they started calling Courtney a very inappropriate name. I mean, oh my gosh REALLY inappropriate.

Me: Oh, well, that's 2nd grade boys for ya.

R: What was it?

A: *snicker* It is so inappropriate, I would be embarrassed to say it! *snicker*

Me: Well, go ahead, you know I don't care.

A: Mom, they called her "Mrs. Balls" !!!!!!

Me: (laughing) What? Why in the world would they call her that? That doesn't even make sense.

A: (we're all laughing now) I know! But they did, they called her "Mrs. Balls."

R: Well, what does that mean? Mrs. Balls?

A: Oh, don't you know...Balls are why you have to wear a bra when you get older!

Me: ???!??!?!?! What!?? No they're not! (laughing hysterically now)

A: Oh, Mom, yes they are. *sigh*.


Okay, so how on earth did my daughter not know that boobies and balls are two totally different things? I mean, sure my husband calls them funbags, but that's way off.

Monday, April 24, 2006

On Hiatus again

So this 'morning' (noon and night) sickness has really kicked me in the arse. I have not kept anything down in over a week, so yes I'm calling the doctor today. Folding laundry requires me to take a 20 minute nap, obviously something ain't right. Saturday it all came to a head when I was lying on my bathroom tile with my body pillow in a fetal position crying and throwing up at the same time. I will certainly keep you posted on any changes in my condition!

UPDATE: I went to the doctor this morning and I've lost 5 lbs. in a week, so she put me on Reglan and may do an ultrasound next week to make sure nothing else is wrong. On a related note, my mother called me today, and said her neighbor lady told her throwing up is very normal for pregnancy. Fuck off, neighbor lady.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Just got back from a two day jaunt to Chicago. I am still recuperating. Two girls, a mother in law and a sister in law with a pregnant driver in one car can really wear somebody out. Be back later.

Friday, April 14, 2006

SPF--Pre Easter

Since I totally bailed last week on SPF, (I tried, I really did) I felt this week I needed to have some sort of showing, no matter how poor and pathetic it might be.

So thanks again to Kristine, our fearless leader, for sponsoring this every Friday.

1. Your friends outside the blogger world.
2. Something fuzzy.
3. Something you want to dye/die.

1. My best friend Amy. I've known her since 3rd grade, and we have had our ups and downs but I know no matter what she will be there for me. She has got my back, and I've got hers fo sho.

And my mamma and papa. Do you have any idea how much I'd get my arse kicked if my mother knew I posted this on the internet? She thinks the internet is just for gay porn.

2. Something fuzzy:

3. Something I wish would die already: This vine in my front yard. I can't wait to hire that landscaper this year! Obviously my dad's green thumb was not inherited.

That's it from me today. It's 80 degrees outside, and I've got some blessing to go count. Thanks, Deb for the assignment I should already be doing.

(thinking of all of you today)

Thursday, April 13, 2006

I'm going Slightly Mad

I really had planned on posting yesterday about the Queen American Idol episode, but DEAR LORD the preggo hormones were all up in my intestines causing great distress and making me hurl my toast all day long. I can't say I'm not getting just a wee bit tired of these shenanigans. When do I start glowing is all I'm sayin.

I must blame the Blogosphere for my interest in AI this year. Before now, I'd never SEEN an episode of it. EVER. Sure I knew who the winner were--how couldn't you?--but I never sat down and witnessed and partook (is that a word?) in the cultural phenomenon known as the Idol. Paula Abdul was still straight up, as far as I was concerned.

We sat down to watch some of the auditions, and my daughters were TICKLED. We were all pretty entertained by the characters that we saw. (The best still being the Ukrainian chick singing "Bohemian Rhapsody". Oh yes. She should have at least gotten a better deal than that "She Bangs" guy. Seriously).

So Tuesday night when my preggo body decided to hang it up for the day and go nowhere but the couch, I had no choice but to watch TV all night. I was very excited to learn that it was Queen night at the ballpark. One of my all time favorite bands. I called LP in to watch, and we did, together, cuz the girls were off watching some crappy Disney channel show.

***Flashback*** When we were dating, LP and I were talking and he responded to one of my queries with, "Hey, I'm just a man with a man's courage." I stopped for a second, knowing I'd heard these words before. Then I screamed, "Oh my gosh! That's from Flash! I love that movie!" He replied, "What do you mean, Flash Gordon approaching? Open fire!" Again, one more sign from Above that he was the One. ***

I was very curious what songs the kids would pick, me feeling very, very old as most of these kids probably never listened to Queen in their lives. I was also anticipating Cat's rundown the next day, but she's off spending time with her kids, who the hell does she think she is anyway? Being a good parent like that. But anyway. I know I could never do justice to a recap like hers.

I was amazed at how prophetic LP was in Simon's responses though. When Chris got up to sing Innuendo, LP said, "That was good vocals but he didn't pick the right song. He could have had the best one if he picked a song that was likeable." Then Simon went on to say the same.

In the end, I am stunned, nay, PERPLEXED, as to why Ace is still on that show. That. Was. Awful. I can't say that I've seen any of his prior work, but when the members of Queen are hacked off with you, isn't that a sign?? Hello? I'm fairly certain Brian May has an idear.

My favorite cover? None of them. If you want to hear a good cover, go watch "Ella Enchanted" and hear Anne Hathaway singing "Somebody to Love". It's much better.

Best thing that came out of the night was the argument LP and I had about a Queen video. We were talking about the video when the whole band was dressed in drag, and he insisted it was "Radio Ga Ga". Oh no, I am sure it was "I want to Break Free."

So in conclusion, the one thing that truly makes me happy is being right. Yes. And men in drag. That's always a good time.

Monday, April 10, 2006

oh and a few more things

Today is Opening Day at the ballpark for the Cardinals. My father, who is the Father of All Conspiracy Theories and who really does still think it's 1963, is very bitter about this ballpark, because he says it's 'courting the richies'. Basically, you can't go to a ballgame for less than $100. For once I'm going to have to agree with my dad. We didn't have a lot of money when I was a kid, but you can be darn sure we could afford the bleacher seats at Busch Stadium. Now it requires photo I.D. and a very large checking account just to get the crappy seats. But oh well, I'm sure sometime this season we will be lucky enough to score some free tickets. That's the only way I'll justify going. But I still loves my Cards.

In other news, I sure do love those Gateway Grizzlies. They are an independent league located in my husband's hometown (also home of several 'adult bars' which means if you hear someone from St. Louis talking about the 'east side' yeah, this is the place). The games are a RIOT to go to, sometimes they hand out maracas to shake when the opposing team is at bat, and they always have contests for the kids. AND it's super duper cheap to go.

But now, if I haven't told you about this, they have devised a plan to attract more fans.

Again I say, only in the Midwest.

Best Burger in the World!

Monday and dragging

I have spent the majority of the weekend either cleaning incessantly or laying on the couch or in the bathroom hurling. Therefore I have not blogged!

This 'morning' sickness is really kicking my ass! At least I got the okay from the doctor to eat toast with peanut butter on it, my all time favorite thing to eat. I've been taking B6 and it seemed to help at first but now it's a lost cause. Blah.

The nesting hasn't completely kicked in yet, but I was able to get most of the basement cleaned and with help from LP the garage. I did not realize vacuuming up pill bugs could be so much fun.

Last week was Al's musical, "The Space Mice Invade" or whatever, and I have some HILARIOUS video of my diva daughter, asking the kid to put the microphone in front of her and then totally hogging it and basically loving that microphone like it was her own. Yes, my kid was the dork who you could hear above all others. We're talking 1st through 4th grade, and all you could hear was my kid! I kept telling her to back up but she kept inching closer and closer. Ah, those few seconds of fame. It reminded me of the footage of the crazy Spelling Bee girl who was all up in that microphone spelling that word! Yes, one of these days I will figure out how to put video here, and I will play it. Mark my words.

No other news to report. I am working all week, and the girls are off thurs and Friday so I'm sure we'll be doing some easter egg coloring and probably some Rice Krispies square making. It's a Holiday so that means lots of Hopping to and fro from house to grandparent house, as none of them have the decency to be in the same room as one another. We are then leaving a week from today to go to Chicago to the American Girl Place for some wondrous girlie joy.

And in case you were wondering, THIS is what my little Trixster looks like in mah belly right now. (Thanks to CK for the new nickname btw!)

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

The Dooce method of Sleep

Gah! Have you all been over to the Dooce's place? 475 comments on how to get a baby to sleep. Unbelievable. I'm amazed. That woman must have to take a Xanax just to read her comments.

To be honest, one of the reasons I hesitated on having a third child is the sleep issue. It is true, believe it or not, babies really do keep you up at night. I'm here as a walking zombie to prove that.

My first child inherited my sleeping habits. I was a non-sleeper from the beginning. They called it colic back then, they call it 'acid reflux' now. Whatever, it just involves a LOT of crying. And no sleep. For anyone.

She would sleep for 10 minutes at a time. No kidding! 10! We called them 'Ala-naps' and laughed and laughed because, well, we were going insane. We never had a chance to do the 'crying it out'method with her, because well, she never really slept and she cried it out for 5 hours at a time even when we were holding her, coddling her, sleeping with her, throwing her in the air...I mean, well she just never stopped crying.

Sometimes, after the 6th or 7th hour of crying, I admit, I would put her in her crib and let her cry for awhile. Not because I did not love her. Not because it was 'inconvenient' for me to hold her. It was because I had exhausted all possible scenarios of why she was crying, and if I didn't take a break from her for 5 minutes, I was going to stick my head in the microwave.

That did not make me a bad mother. At. All. I was a tired, sleep-deprived, exhausted and worn out mother who loved her child but could not get her to stop crying.

When Al was about 2, way past her sleeping through the night, she had a phase of waking up in the middle of the night, coming into our room and sleeping in our bed. At first, I loved it, I always love being by my kids, and it was much easier than getting up. But then it got annoying, and we weren't sleeping and continually waking up at night. So, when she did it, I got up, put her back in her bed, and after a week or so, she stopped coming into our room.

That did not make me a bad mother. At. All. I was tired, sleep-deprived, and wanted my daughter to be able to go back to sleep ON HER OWN.

My second daughter slept through the night at two days old. I've never had to force to sleep, ever. She would fall asleep on a roller coaster. I believe this is well deserved.

That did not make me a bad mother. At. All. I did not drug her, knock her unconscious, or do illegal drugs during my pregnancy to make her such a sleepy child. She's just our Bear.

I cannot stand when other people judge you for your mothering. It's one thing if I am berating my child, or calling them effing idiots because they won't go to effing sleep already. I was really stunned at some of the commenters, saying we did not love our children and how psychologically damaging we were being to our children. One even threatened to turn Dooce into the authorities. Are you KIDDING me?

Look people. I have worked at a shelter for abused kids. I have SEEN it with my own eyes. I have seen 6 month old kids with broken arms because "he wasn't mindin'." THAT, that is abuse.

Teaching your child to be independent, and to comfort themselves, that is not. It's love.

Trust me. I have a brother who is 35 years old and still lives at home. I think I know what I'm talking about when I say, sometimes it is OKAY to say 'no' to your kids, and let themselves cry themselves to sleep sometimes.

As Dooce says, Land mines be damned.

And shoot, my kids have turned out COMPLETELY normal. See?


Tuesday, April 04, 2006

You're one in a Million

Mrtl gave us a Motif Monday yesterday, and since I spent most of yesterday yakking due to morning sickness, I didn't participate. But instead of sleeping last night, I stayed up thinking of what exactly I would purchase if I had a million dollars.

I came up with a lot.

I know that a million dollars wouldn't stop my from working or anything like that, but it certainly would make things a little easier. Of course I would buy a house, one with first floor laundry, an inground pool and one of those cute little fountain things in the backyard. That will take up a big chunk of the cash. But what's leftover I will use for this:

1. My Dad a Ford Mustang like he has always wanted.

2. LP whatever car he wanted. (at the moment I can't think of what tops his list)

3. An RV for me and one for my parents.

4. I'd totally take 6 weeks off to go traveling. I'd take all the grandparents to Orlando, but not at the same time, natch. And then I'd take my fam to Europe for a month or so.

5. A cute little personal trainer.

6. A very expensive treadmill.

7. Some money for a much nicer nursing home for my grandma, or someone to take care of her. Or both.

8. I'd like one of those nice heated towel racks. I hate getting out of the shower.

9. A Sea Doo! Those things are really cool.

10. A Ms. Pac Man tabletop game, with Galaga on it.

11. Yeah, more traveling. I'd rather see stuff than have stuff.

Okay so that's my millions. Pretty lame, but what can I say, I've had very little sleep and hormones raging through my body. Creativity is not my top priority.

Tomorrow is Al's big Spring Musical, "The Space Mice Invade Earth!" or something like that. She is a space mouse, and has learned that you cannot wear purple striped underwear when wearing white pants. Good lesson to learn.

Oh and the other night when a tornado ripped through this area? Yeah, we were in the basement playing "Simpsons Monopoly". I of course was the three eyed fish. Rug won.

Sunday, April 02, 2006


If I had any photography skills at all, I would totally take a picture of my azalea bush I can see out my window right now. It's so pretty.

I had my first doctor appointment on Friday, actually it was with the midwife. Not sure how that all works; this is a new doctor's office as my old OB-gyn retired (who was FABULOUS). This is an all-woman office. Anyway, LP came with me, as he witnessed both children being born and ultrasounds, but never the Pap smear itself. Needless to say he was far from enthused.

LP was also off Thursday and Friday and he went on a field trip with Al on Thursday to the St. Louis Steamers game. Friday he went and was able to get up close and personal with 3rd graders while helping them paint ceramic Easter eggs. I always enjoy when he volunteers at the girls' school and is able to witness the insanity of children first hand. Always fun to get his perspective.

We saw "Ice Age 2" Friday night, that was pretty funny. And proof that original ideas do exist.

Today was a beautiful Spring day, in the 80s. Al had a soccer game, and they played much better than what they have been, won 2-0. Rug entertained herself by making dandelion bracelets, which has to be my all time favorite pasttime from my childhood, not including catching lightning bugs of course.

Not much else to report on a Sunday evening, just trying to keep on keeping on. Looking forward to watching a thunderstorm roll in and help bring May flowers.