Tuesday, June 09, 2009

summer time

sometimes i really hate living in the Midwest. just an observation.

Last year we went to Pere Marquette for a weekend and it was such a great weekend.

We went again this year, only it was COLD and the pool was crowded and the food was expensive and it just wasn't. the. same.

but Rug got her first horse ride, and she had some issues with her horse really liking to stop to eat and our guide, Enos, yes, his name was Enos, just had little patience with her and her inability to stop a horse from eating. I mean, really.

I did the Tour de Cure, not a lot of miles but 15 anyway. I could have done 30 but the girls wanted to go to the water park.

I have pictures but i need to get them developed first, as i forgot my camera and had to buy a disposable!! :)

this is a lame post and i should probably delete it. but i wanted to post some pics so endure please.

Rug singing take me out to the ballgame in the dugout at Busch Stadium. How cool is that? We had a great day, touring the stadium and hanging out.

Al has a boyfriend. There, I said it. He has been instant messaging her for months, and finally admitted it last week. I would freak out, but, my first boyfriend was in 5th grade so whatever. I asked her why she likes him, and she said, 'he is funny, smart, and the most honest boy i know.'

what more could I ask? :) Thank God it wasn't, "he is always in the hallway and I love how he talks back to teachers."

Then again, let's wait and see what happens with Rug. I don't even want to think about Mo dating. Yikes.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Daily Assignment

I started blogging in February of 2005. I started mostly so I could be a part of the comments section on Dooce, and that is where I found a gaggle of ferocious personalities, many of whom I still consider internet friends.

Somehow, through that venture, I met Deb.

Not sure how or when, but I know that when I found her blog, it instantly went into my bookmarks under 'Favorites'.

Deb was soon thereafter diagnosed with leukemia, and I saw her through her first round, kicking its ass along the way, up until last week, May 18th, when Deb succumbed to the disease she fought so valiantly against.

I was always amazed at how upbeat and positive Deb was, regardless of her circumstances. She was frank, and honest, and held nothing back. I always left reading her blog feeling empowered to take on anything that stood in my way.

Many days, Deb would give her readers an 'assignment'. This assignment could be simple, like saying hi to a stranger, or more in depth, like taking your mom/dad out to dinner, or forgiving that one person you've been denying forgiveness. Deb set out to let us see the power we possess, and the choices we had daily to do good in the world.

When she passed away, many of her blog friends, including myself and Circus Kelli, wanted to do something to pay tribute to such a 'fabu' lady.

Since many of us have Twitter pages, we came up with the idea for a Twitter page for Deb's Daily Assignments. That way, Deb's idea of helping others find the good in themselves would continue, in her honor. CK designed the page, and I will be posting the daily assignments, with anyone who wants to suggest and post assignments to happily do so as well.

I decided to start with the very first Daily Assignments that Deb herself suggested, taking them from her blog and follow them as closely as possible. Once they are done, I'm sure we will be inspired to come up with many of our own!

We hope that this Twitter page will be a great place to discuss how we each interpret and 'complete' the assignments, as well as a lot of Chuck Norris jokes, because as you may know, Deb really enjoyed those.

Finally, as Deb asked us to do, we will have a link to the fund set up for Zoe, Deb's daughter, because Deb's last assignment was for all of us to take care of her. She is a special girl and deserves nothing but the best. Plus, she's awful cute.

I hope you will find the time to follow this Twitter page and help us honor Deb with her daily assignments, and we can continue the Queen of the Universe's reign.

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