Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Danger Will Robinson

The other day I had an old photo album out showing my daughters a picture of me when I went to Disney World when I was 7. LP was flipping around when he stopped. He pointed to a picture and said, "What the hell is THIS??"

I looked at the offending picture (thanking God it wasn't that one I thought he'd found) and could not understand what the problem was.

"That is a picture taken at my great-grandma's house for our family reunion when I was like 11."

"Yeah, but what is that in the front?"

"Oh, that was my cousin's robot he won. It was like 1985 and he won a robot. He could bring you things and you could program him to say stuff. My brother made it tell me I smelled like feet."

"Okay, but you put the robot in the picture of the entire FAMILY?"


He kind of looked at me and I guess I should have realized that having a robot in a picture of your family reunion probably isn't the most normal thing ever.

I don't think we wanted to hurt the robot's feelings and then it'd turn ugly, you know, like Maximum Overdrive or something.

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