Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Happy Halloween! I guess I should be scared, considering I live in the most "dangerous city" in America!! Ha! That is terribly misleading, but I'm not surprised. Of course this information comes days after our big Win, which is also not surprising either, because seriously, getting respect for St. Louis is like getting Paris Hilton to put some clothes on.

We had an incredibly lonnnnng weekend, but it's over so the twitch in my eye is gone now. We did make the time to go downtown to the Parade to watch our boys and celebrate! The atmosphere was amazing, I'm so glad my kids got to experience it:
And we have figured out that Al was born a month after the Bulls won the NBA championship, Rug was born days before the Rams won the Super Bowl, and now Makenna gave us the World Series. But don't think for a second I'll be trying for a Blues Stanley Cup. Not gonna happen.
Today will be spent with lots of partying and lots of makeup. Rug is the Corpse Bride and Al is Medusa--tying snakes into a wig ain't the easiest thing to do but we did it! Have a great Halloween hope it brings lots of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups your way! Which, btw, is yet another cursed thing about being pregnant...I have not been able to eat ANY peanut butter, it totally causes me to have heartburn. Ugh it's almost over! I'm counting the days, and my post-partum meal will consist of a rainbow roll of sushi, a beer, and a Reese's Peanut Butter cup. Now that sounds delicious, right?

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Friday, October 27, 2006

Sleepy time

I fell asleep. Again. The top of the 7th inning. NO fair. Tonight though, I am so staying up. It's supposed to rain all day today, who knows. Apparently the rain helps remove any 'smudge' from the pitcher's hands HA! I love that they're calling David Eckstein a 'little Smurf'. That just makes it all the sweeter! And I do happen to have a Smurf in a red suit, I'll have to dig that one out. Because, it's important, you know.


(this is my vintage 1982 Wold Series jersey that does not fit over my belly anymore. Oh who am I kidding. It doesn't fit over my BOOBS either. My point here is, I was the EXACT same age of Al the last time the Cardinals won the World Series. Coincidence?)

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

of course you want more!

Because I have nothing better to do than give you a link to enjoy more of my favorite 80s toys.

Happy Birthday to the SMURFS!!!!!!!

In other news, Kenny Rogers (the pitcher, not the Gambler, although at this point they might be one in the same) may or may not have had pine tar on his hand pitching to the Cardinals. Okay, so what? He was STILL able to kick their asses, even after he supposedly washed his hands. No excuses tonight okay? You're in Cardinal town tonight, so there better be an ass whuppin. We all bleed RED you know.

And LP, for future reference, when I say I'm not cleaning up after dinner, it does not mean, "...so leave it and I will clean it up in the morning." 'Kay?

I will have to tell you about my weekend some time. Me, preggers as ever, staying out until 3 a.m. at the bars. What a sight. I almost got denied at one bar, the bouncer apparently thought I was a moron going out to preggo-drink the night away. Hey, I'm uncomfortable, but I'm not THAT uncomfortable. Trust me, as soon as this baby is out I'm having a beer. Just not yet!

Friday, October 20, 2006

not another word

I wasn't even going to mention the whole Cards thing this year.

First of all, I did not make it to ONE SINGLE game this year. In our new stadium. Not a one. Do you have any IDEA how many years it has been that that's occurred? I could not tell you. At least 15 years. I make it to at least One game. But nope, not this year. Why? Because of that stupid flippin new stadium. Oh sure LP went. Not me. So that's frustrating.

Secondly, I stopped watching the Cards in July. They were just sucking so badly, and Pujols was the only one worth watching. Then in September he just started sucking. So why bother? At least the pitching was OK, but still. Not worth my time.

Then the jerkwads got to the playoffs. Wha? How the hell did that happen? Okay, but they won't make it to the next round.

Oh wait. They did.

So on Wednesday night, I knew they were just going to blow it, and I fell asleep. So glad I did. They blew it. Like I thought they would.

Last night, I tentatively put the game on recall while I watched Law & Order. I figured if I watched it with full force, then they would surely lose and I would end up going into labor. But Law & Order is only an hour, so of course I put the game on afterwards.

And promptly fell asleep. Damn Phenergan!! (No wait...I love you Phenergan, it was just a joke. You stop me from puking and make me sleepy sleep. I SO love you.)

I awoke to the sound of "HOLY CRAP JANA YOU WON'T BELIEVE THIS!" which scared the holey moley outta me, having already achieved REM sleep and dreaming about mermaids.

Apparently LP thought, "I'll just watch Molina bat and go to bed" and sure enough, my little Yadi scored a 2-run homer. Holy crap indeed.

(note: I'm always rooting for the underdog, my favorite players are almost always non-superstars...hell Craig Paquette and Bruce Sutter were two of my old favorites, so Yadier has been a fave of mine, he's just so cute--which usually has something to do with why I pick them as my favorites.)

So now I'm wide awake and it's the ninth inning. No pressure, none at all. Wainwright is pitching, and ohmigod in a flash the bases are effing LOADED.

Yes, I'm most definitely going to go into labor. You're killing me here.

And then, he pitches that awesome ball and the Mets stadium sounds like the sound proof room they put contestants from the Newlywed Game in. Absolutely silent.

I stayed up to watch some of the post-game interviews, and I know that my Cardinals will never attain the popularity and beloved-ness as other teams like the (gak) Yankees or the Red Sox, but damn I do love them.

They're going to the World Series!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, October 19, 2006


What more can I say than....ugh. Someone asked me yesterday if I was carrying twins. Apparently they did not receive the etiquette book on how to speak to a pregnant lady. I'm sure he is recovering nicely.

I had my baby shower and it was lovely. My friends luv me, they even made homemade guacamole. Got a lotta pink. I'm not much of a light pink girl myself, but I've loosened up a little bit. My MIL told me I'd be taking all that back though, since this is a BOY. (she is still hoping I guess...whatever!) What I did not have for my other kids that completely kicks a$$...holders for everything! The stroller we got even has a wipes holder! Woot!

So we have all the gear and basics for when bambina arrives. Diapers and wipes, that's all ya need. No, her bedroom is not ready yet, but we're gonna work on that this weekend. If anyone has a need for several Polly Pockets, please let me know now because otherwise several Pollys will be facing their imminent doom. Plus a few Bratz dolls, who probably have cases of chlamydia anyway and who will not be missed.

I'm in the home stretch now, and I will not let this heartburn beat me! Looking forward to sharing sweet pics. I go see the doctor tomorrow, and will update more next week.

Take care all!

Friday, October 13, 2006

Haves and have nots

Take the time today to appreciate all you have.

Miniature Earth.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Not Making me Laugh. At all.

I just came back from The Kept Woman's site. On it she has a link to an interview with Shirley Phelps Roper. This woman is completely insane, and to think there are others who believe the same, makes me hurt inside.

Listen to the interview.

I'd say that she needs to get laid, but crap she has 11 children. W.T.F.????

Making Me Laugh

I had a doctor's appointment this morning, and I sat directly across from a young, very preggers girl who was clearly uncomfortable. Just as I was about to ask her if she was okay, they called her to the window. Here was the conversation between said girl and receptionist/MA:

Girl: I've been feeling bad today, and having some contractions so I was wondering if I could see the doctor quickly.

MA: Are the contractions frequent? How far apart?

Girl: Um, like five minutes.

MA: And how far along are you?

Girl: 38 and a half weeks.

*stunned silence of all in the waiting room*

MA: Um, bye. You need to go to the hospital right now!

Girl: But I feel okay now.

MA: Did you drive here?

Girl: Yes. I can drive myself to the hospital I guess.


We were all laughing after we left. Apparently this girl did not know she was in labor! Which, of course, will never happen to me. Both the girls had to be induced, and I'm sure Makenna will be just as stubborn. I can remember sitting in the hospital room, with NO CABLE, bored out of my skull and starving. Now I've learned at least they have cable now at the hospital, but I still need something to pass the time.

So do you have any ideas on what we could do while we're waiting and NOT in active labor? Since our iPod broke (I've been in denial about it, it's a post for another day) LP bought an iPod phone so we have at least some music we could download. So if anyone has good labor/delivery music that might help the process, let me know. I plan on making a playlist with your suggestions. Of course "Here Comes My girl" will be on it. But remember, NO ELVIS!!!!!!

Monday, October 02, 2006


Seven weeks to go. That's all I keep thinking. Egad.

is the crib up?


Do I have a car seat?


I figure the kid can get thrown into the trunk and can sleep on the couch. What, because it's a baby it has to be treated differently than my other kids? Please. If she can't grab a Gogurt from the fridge at 4 in the morning by 3 months old than she's going to be in trouble.

Okay so maybe I'm a little grouchy from spending 6 hours in the ER this weekend from little missy. That's all. Who does she think she is laying on MY blood vessels and preventing MY blood from circulating? My body is NOT an all-inclusive resort. Sure meals are provided, but that does not mean you are allowed to mistreat the staff. Those blood vessels are working FOR you dearie. Pay them some respect.

Fortunately all ultrasounds revealed no blood clots so she is not grounded immediately when she gets out, but I'd say a time out is in order.