Monday, April 18, 2005


The Butterfly House was a lot of fun. Rug had a magnifying glass and was carrying it around like a little scientist. She would hold it about a foot away from the butterfly and then tell her friends to gather around. I need to start calling her Professor.

This weekend was the Rug Room Redo. She was wanting a purple room instead of the blue she has had since she was a baby (talk about not letting her grow up...I still had her MOBILE hanging in there). Friday night we made the Home Depot trip and I am proud to say I did not shower from then until last night around 8 pm.

It went fairly smoothly, and I must say working that hard certainly cured my insomnia for a couple of nights. I did have to call the mother-in-law yesterday to pick the girls up for a few hours (I do NOT do that unless it's seriously going to compromise my mental health if they stick around) as Rug broke a snow globe full of glitter in the dining room.

We also bought new closet doors for both of the girls' rooms and it's amazing how much they update the rooms! It's also amazing how crooked this house is. When he put the doors on Rug's closet, he realized that the space they'd made for the closet was lop-sided and that's why the doors dragged on the floor all the time.

Now, as I have mentioned, my darling husband is better at fixing computers than houses, but we are pretty aware of the shoddy work that was done on this house. About 2 years of living here, we started noticing several odd things, i.e. the sliding doors are put on BACKWARDS, the trim was sealed with Elmer's Glue, etc. After talking to our neighbor we learned that all the houses on our street were built by "some guy" and his buddies on the weekends! So, it is no secret that anytime we try to work on something in the house, we are pretty much risking electrocution or at the least a whole hell of a lot of frustration.

So we've held off on putting Rug's doors up unless we want it to look like "Grandpa's Fun House". Come on in kids! Laugh at how all the doors don't come close to being straight!!! Amaze at how you can't keep lightbulbs in a socket for more than a day! See the electrical gizmos that aren't grounded to anything!! But wait, there's more!! Amaze at the inability for any drain in the house to work properly!! Get your tickets fast kids cuz this family ain't gonna be living here much longer!!!!!!


Circus Kelli said...

Your house sounds almost scary!

You be careful!

Vajana said...

It is scary. But it's always to fun to laugh about with Aaron. I think maybe we just bought it for comic relief, I don't know.