Sunday, April 10, 2005

Scattered Pictures

Do you have any memories of your mom just totally freaking out about something when you were little? My mom, who Aaron lovingly refers to as Sandbags (name is Sandy) has always bit a bit on the hyper side, so I have a lot of these memories.

Now my daughter has one about me.

All she wanted was a Precious Moments cake for her 1st communion. I have tried to deter this affection toward doe-eyed figurines to no avail. She loves them. So I thought I could deliver what she wanted; if a Moment de Precious is what she wanted, that is what she'd get.

Yeah, even in the Precious Moments capital of the world (, I could not find a cake.

Sooo, I went on eBay and got an edible image to put on an iced cake. Brilliant right?

It ripped when I tried to put it on. I screamed an expletive (this was not yet the freak out part unfortunately) and Al said, "It's alright Mom, you can just get some icing and draw one." So sweet she is.

LP used an Exacto knife and tried to salvage as much as possible, but it looked pretty bad. So I went up to Schnucks (yes that's our local grocery store) and got some cake roses and some icing gel.

When I got home and opened the pack of roses, they BROKE.

So did I.

And Al watched me as I screamed and kicked and shouted, "FUCK! FUCK!!! MOTHERFUCKING ROSES!" (don't believe that has ever come out of my mouth prior)

I was able to salvage some and I used some sprinkles to cover up the rips and tears in the edible image, and I had just enough icing gel to put her name on the cake.

When she woke up and saw the cake, she said it was the most beautiful thing she's ever seen.

I am so embarrassed. I promise Al honey, I'll pay for that session of therapy.


Circus Kelli said...

I have "freak out" memory moments of my Mom, and trust me, your moment isn't bad at all. You were trying to give your daughter what she really wanted, and got a little frustrated. That's all.

You're an excellent Mom. Don't let anyone ever tell you, or make you think otherwise.

Vajana said...

Well thanks. It was overwhelming, and I remember vividly my mother standing on top of the coffee table with a Christmas clarinet player in her hand screaming at us and even then I was thinking, "Wow, she just totally snapped right there."

Circus Kelli said...

Did you tell your Mom "We don't stand on the furniture..." ;) I'm kidding, of course.

There are two times that come to mind immediately when you say Mother and Freak Out -- My Mom once grabbed a rather large handmade dollhouse with both hands (this thing had to easily be about three feet wide and three feet tall) and shook the daylights out of it while screaming. Another time, Mom picked up a small three drawer dresser (which was full at the time) and threw it across the room. -- I'll have to say that I can (now) completely understand how she reached that point.

Good times. :)

I figure as long as I don't destroy furniture in front of the kids, they won't need *too much* therapy.

Vajana said...

Wow, it also sounds like your mom has Hulk-like strength!!

My mom had the coffee table incident, several incidents when she locked me out of the house, I do recall one time my dad making a comment about frozen vs. fresh vegetables and her throwing the pan of food at him and then storming off.

Yeah I would have done it too.