Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Tall Ant

Today is Al's talent show. She is doing a dance with some of her friends to "Car Wash". It is really cute and I can't wait to see it!

Al is my Golden Child. When put upon, she can do anything. Sing, dance, swim, play soccer, write stories, draw, get straight A's. She can hula-hoop for over 4 minutes straight. She amazes me. Nothing that child can do. (except whistle, which Rug CAN do and does so proudly and as often as she can in her sister's face)

I did not do this to her. I cannot sew a button on a shirt, so all this talent came from elsewhere. Unfortunately she did inherit my worst trait: SENSITIVITY. God it's awful.

Yesterday I was making fun and I said, "Al guess what! We're going to your favorite place in the world!"

"Where?" she says, excitedly.

"The GROCERY store!!!!" I know she hates it, I was being my sarcastic self.

She bursts into tears. "Don't do that to me Mommy! That's not nice!!"

God I felt thiiiiis big. But such is the life living with a smaller version of myself. My mother was so right when she cursed me with, "Just you wait. One of these days you'll have a daughter."

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