Friday, April 29, 2005

daily dose

Every day I pick my oldest daughter Al up from school at 2:30. We drive to Rug's school and wait for her to get out at 3:15. We usually get home barring any unforeseen grocery stops around 3:30.

From 3:30 until LP arrives home, the girls BOUNCE off the walls. I don't know if they are just so excited to be home, or to see each other, or what, but I cannot get them to settle the fuck down. And I said fuck, and i don't say it too often, but they are fucking driving me nuts.

It is 4:20 now. I realize that this time is symbolic to a certain population of people, that it means to chill out and smoke a big fatty, but to me it symbolizes something else. It means, how many more minutes until LP gets home and ropes these kids into submission? Calgon take me away!


Circus Kelli said...

Jana darlin, I'm right there with you. The little clowns can be bouncing off the walls, running around and screaming acting like banshee-children, but the MOMENT Daddy walks in the door, *poof*, they are well-behaved children once again.

Very often in our house, that 5pm-6pm timeframe is very noisy and filled with much whining and clinging as I make supper with one hand and try to appease one or more littles with the other.

What the hell?

Vajana said...

oh my god thank goodness I am not alone. They go BONKERS. completely. Then Dad walks in and you'd think he was Sister Nun Lady with the wooden ruler.

Then of course you get the quizzical look like, "What? They're fine, why are you so frazzled?"

And then that is when I whip out the wooden ruler!

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