Friday, April 08, 2005


I typed up this fantastic post last night only for it to be lost in cyberspace. I talked to my husband about possibly helping me out with getting some webspace so I don't have to deal with it, and he laughed. I'm not exactly the most savvy of a computer geek, and he thinks it's cute that I'm being ambitious enough to try and have my own website. Which it is I guess. But dammit I have opinions that must be heard!

Plus I told him we're buying a better digital camera because i want to post my pictures of Rug crying when she doesnt' get her way and Al doing her best imitation of my Mother. (oh my god I love that kid)

Today Al is staying the night at a friend's house and we are taking LP's brother to play pool. He is doing great by the way, almost completely healed. He still has therapy 5x a week but that should only be for another 6 months.

This weekend we have Al's 1st Communion and soccer so we will be busy. All the in-laws in one place at the same time. Serenity NOW!

Have a great weekend y'all.


paintergirl said...

Such a busy gal. What happened to your husbands brother? an accident? I just read one of your posts about seeing yourself in the mirror wo makeup and ketchup on your jeans..I have gone days without a shoer. Very disturbing. I was never like this before Miles.

Vajana said...

I have a post about it. Aaron's brother got hit by a car in August of last year, he almost died. He had part of skull removed for brain surgery, and they took the last of his stitches out last week. He is still in therapy but otherwise doing remarkably well.