Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Cookie Exchange, etc.

Ms. Susie has invited me once again to join her Cookie Exchange festivities. I am honored to attend, and will be sure to take my shoes off at the door. I have cute warm little sockies to wear instead.

I don't have the time nor the energy to upload new pics, so old pics must suffice.

Our Christmases are filled to the brim. When we first got married, for the first several years both LP and I worked either Christmas Day, Eve, or both. We were flying in every different direction. Some years we did our celebrations on the 24th, the 23rd, even the 26th. Once Rug was born though, both he and I had non holiday working jobs (me being a SAHM for awhile anyway). So for the past 10 years our Christmases have looked like this:

Christmas Eve Day: Baking cookies

Christmas Eve evening: Trek over to my Mother in laws, LP's mom and stepdads.

(if LP and I got each other something, we usually open it after we get home when the little ones are snug in their beds)

Christmas a.m.: Open our gifts from Santa, then off to LPs dad's for brunch.

Eat way too much.

Go home, unload, nap.

Around 4 p.m. head off to my parents' house 1/2 hour away for one more go at it.


Needless to say, it's exhausting. Now, last year and this year, I have to work. Just 3 hours, and I get time and a half, so it's not too big of a deal, but basically replace that nap with working. Bummer, right? Plus this year, Christmas falls on my day OFF but we are all required to work. Double bummer. But still, it's not a big deal, cuz I'm at home in my PJs surrounded by my family. It's all good!


I love dips and appetizers, I could literally eat them all day long. I just went recently to a party and one of the attendants brought these delicious meatballs along. They were so yummy, that she was hesitant to give me her secret recipe. But fortunately she did, and I will be making them for New Year's this year. Enjoy:


Frozen Meatballs
2 12 oz jars Heinz chili sauce (or BBQ sauce)
1 32 oz jar grape jelly
1 bag meatballs (about 80 in a bag)

Put chili sauce and jelly in a large pot, heat until jelly is melted and sauce is smooth, stirring often. Add frozen meatballs; heat until meatballs are thawed and then simmer for 3 hours.

Hey, if you want to make your own meatballs, go right ahead. I'm just making your life a little less stressful.


We read Twas the Night Before Christmas every Christmas Eve before the kids go to bed. We all pile into our bed, snuggle up and LP reads it. This year I got one of those recordable editions, so his voice will be reading it forever. I love that.

We also go to look at Christmas lights and crank up the Christmas music and then make cookies afterwards. It's the best tradition ever, really.

One last tradition we have is more of my husband's, that is, he every year will promise that next year we will have the best Christmas light display on the block.

We have not had ANY Christmas lights up in 5 years. Gotta love him. And I do! LOL

Have a very Merry Christmas and enjoy every moment, smell, sound, and taste of the season. It truly is magic.

And thanks Susie, again, for making me blog and for your friendship. I love ya.

(PS, that was last year's Santa picture, but most definitely a classic)

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Someone should call Blog Welfare Services

This pic cracks me up. I was really, really drunk. First time I'd ever had sake. Have you ever had it? It will knock you out.

Well, I guess my blog is on my New Year's resolutions. I'm really gonna try in 2010, I promise.

No, really.

See you January 1st.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Janasayqua's Book Club*

*not to be confused with that OTHER book club.

OK so a few posts back I told you I was gonna read a book about cancer, which I thought I'd hate, but actually did enjoy, it was called "Middle Place" and when I finished it, at the end of the book the author described a piece she'd written and BAM it hit me. A few months ago (years?) someone emailed me a woman speaking from You tube, about women and relationships, and it had come at a time in my life where there had been drama with friends, as well as a loss of parents, as well as drama with our kids. It hit HOME, and the fact that the author of this book was also the person in this video, make me respect and appreciate her all that much more.

Here is that video:


So after i was done, I promised myself I'd read "Pride and Prejudice", by Jane Eyre, as recommended to me by the women in the book I read about the potato peel pies.

This deemed far more difficult that I'd originally planned.

"Pride and Prejudice" is, in a simple description, NOT a summer read.

It is to be read on cold winter nights in front of a fire when all the kids are sleeping and you have nothing else to do.

NOT when it is beautiful outside and you have 8 million other things you could be doing. Oh my gosh. While I was reading this book, at least 4 people saw it and said, "Oh! One of my FAVORITE books!" Upon which I replied, "Yeah? When did you read it?" and the response was ALWAYS "in college".

Did you remember what you were doing in college? No-thing. Nothing. Therefore, you had time to fill your head with the 18th century prose that is far more difficult to decipher when you have a 2 year old shoving a sippy cup in your face saying "More mommy" and the sound of the Instant Messager from your 12 year old in the background as well as your 9 year old dancing to Lady you see my point here?

So it was nice when we went on a short vacation and I could sit by the pool and read it, without interruption. I was finally 'getting into it'.

Then we got home, and the book went missing. Hmm. I mourned for about 30 seconds.

I went right out and got Danny Evans' book "Rage Against the Meshuggenah" (from DadGoneMad) and will start it posthaste!

Oprah's got nothing on me.

Monday, July 27, 2009


1. Must find out the name of that Riesling of which I finished entire bottle.

2. Must always remember to NOT eat cheese, even if it's Swiss, even if it's with crackers. Does not negate my lactose intolerance.

3. Must go to this winery more than once in my life.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Blog lest ye be blogged

Susie reminded me today what started all of this, my poor neglected blog. But right this second I am being reminded also of why I stopped. Trying to get through a blog post while working is almost impossible. There is always a CT brain scan or MRI to type. It ain't like it used to be, the carefree days I had of babysitting and making my own schedule, which was exactly what I was doing when I started this venture in 2005. But I refuse to shut er down, no way. I still have to keep my little place in the universe.

Why not blog when you're done working one might ask. Well, the summer has been a good one, and with a backyard that looks like this one does not want to be inside for any millisecond longer:

So what has gone on this summer? Well, the whole family went to Greece leaving me and Mo behind. We had fun without them but also missed them terribly. The review from Greece: Food was OK, the Acropolis and ruins were amazing, and they totally took their tops off at the beach, Mom!!!

Seriously, that is all I got. Some good pics though:

I had a 'cool mom' moment and let Al dye her hair pink:

I only consider this a success because I was able to do it without staining my floors, cabinets or walls. For me, this is a huge success. I rarely succeed at much.

I also succeeded in pissing off a lot of moms, cuz everywhere we went, tweens were squawking, "OMG! That is like, sooo cool. Mom, I want to do that to my hair!" Stink eye, everywhere I went.

We took the girls on a float trip, which was wonderful and lame at the same time, because my family is just NOT outdoorsy as I'd like them to be. Mo absolutely LOVED it, so maybe I'll just take her with me. Mo is a natural knee slapper, and will find any way at all to make people laugh. Her favorite way to get out of trouble:

Mo: Hey Mom guess what.
Me: What Mo.
Mo: Chi- wow wow.

This goes on and on and on. I'd say it never loses its humor, but, yeah, it sorta has. She loves chihauhuas, and now I can't say that word without saying 'wow wow'.

Finally, the reason that precipitated this blog post, was a conversation I had with LP last night. Bera in mind, I chose "LP' as his alias several years ago based on a conversation he and I had. He kept calling me his Life Partner, insisting to his uncle (involved in the conversation at this particular time) that he and I were meant to be, and that I was the yin to his yang. It was a bit tongue in cheek, but still nonetheless true. So LP was a good moniker for him, so I thought.

I was talking about something, and he quipped something in return last night. I laughed, and said, "Oh, I am SO Twittering that."

He became defensive.

"Now wait a second, I'm going to have to start charging you for stories, like Kramer did to J. Peterson. These stories and my witticisms are gold, and you can't just go and twitter them."

"Take it easy there pal," i said. "I believe in giving credit where credit is due. I always say you said it.

"Do you use my real name?"


"Well, I know you use Janasayqua or Vajana, what do you call me? I hope it's not ridiculous."

"I call you LP. You know why."



"Sure. Why?"

"Well, I know you said you sometimes you and your internet friends were no-holds-barred, but I can't believe you call me that. That's great!"

"wait....uh, what do you think LP stands for?"

"Large Penis?"


OMG. I am on the floor laughing so hard that I could barely type ROTFL if I tried.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

summer time

sometimes i really hate living in the Midwest. just an observation.

Last year we went to Pere Marquette for a weekend and it was such a great weekend.

We went again this year, only it was COLD and the pool was crowded and the food was expensive and it just wasn't. the. same.

but Rug got her first horse ride, and she had some issues with her horse really liking to stop to eat and our guide, Enos, yes, his name was Enos, just had little patience with her and her inability to stop a horse from eating. I mean, really.

I did the Tour de Cure, not a lot of miles but 15 anyway. I could have done 30 but the girls wanted to go to the water park.

I have pictures but i need to get them developed first, as i forgot my camera and had to buy a disposable!! :)

this is a lame post and i should probably delete it. but i wanted to post some pics so endure please.

Rug singing take me out to the ballgame in the dugout at Busch Stadium. How cool is that? We had a great day, touring the stadium and hanging out.

Al has a boyfriend. There, I said it. He has been instant messaging her for months, and finally admitted it last week. I would freak out, but, my first boyfriend was in 5th grade so whatever. I asked her why she likes him, and she said, 'he is funny, smart, and the most honest boy i know.'

what more could I ask? :) Thank God it wasn't, "he is always in the hallway and I love how he talks back to teachers."

Then again, let's wait and see what happens with Rug. I don't even want to think about Mo dating. Yikes.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Daily Assignment

I started blogging in February of 2005. I started mostly so I could be a part of the comments section on Dooce, and that is where I found a gaggle of ferocious personalities, many of whom I still consider internet friends.

Somehow, through that venture, I met Deb.

Not sure how or when, but I know that when I found her blog, it instantly went into my bookmarks under 'Favorites'.

Deb was soon thereafter diagnosed with leukemia, and I saw her through her first round, kicking its ass along the way, up until last week, May 18th, when Deb succumbed to the disease she fought so valiantly against.

I was always amazed at how upbeat and positive Deb was, regardless of her circumstances. She was frank, and honest, and held nothing back. I always left reading her blog feeling empowered to take on anything that stood in my way.

Many days, Deb would give her readers an 'assignment'. This assignment could be simple, like saying hi to a stranger, or more in depth, like taking your mom/dad out to dinner, or forgiving that one person you've been denying forgiveness. Deb set out to let us see the power we possess, and the choices we had daily to do good in the world.

When she passed away, many of her blog friends, including myself and Circus Kelli, wanted to do something to pay tribute to such a 'fabu' lady.

Since many of us have Twitter pages, we came up with the idea for a Twitter page for Deb's Daily Assignments. That way, Deb's idea of helping others find the good in themselves would continue, in her honor. CK designed the page, and I will be posting the daily assignments, with anyone who wants to suggest and post assignments to happily do so as well.

I decided to start with the very first Daily Assignments that Deb herself suggested, taking them from her blog and follow them as closely as possible. Once they are done, I'm sure we will be inspired to come up with many of our own!

We hope that this Twitter page will be a great place to discuss how we each interpret and 'complete' the assignments, as well as a lot of Chuck Norris jokes, because as you may know, Deb really enjoyed those.

Finally, as Deb asked us to do, we will have a link to the fund set up for Zoe, Deb's daughter, because Deb's last assignment was for all of us to take care of her. She is a special girl and deserves nothing but the best. Plus, she's awful cute.

I hope you will find the time to follow this Twitter page and help us honor Deb with her daily assignments, and we can continue the Queen of the Universe's reign.

Debutant's blog:

Twitter Daily Assignments:

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Thursday, May 28, 2009

book club

i put this pic up, becuz this is the one i like better, Mo did something that made Al and I laugh, and Rug was, well being Rug, so this fits us nicer than the 'posed' pic from before. Love it.

I went to Borders with the girls the other day as we had some time to spare, and I was looking for a book someone had suggested, "I am the Messenger". I looked everywhere, but could not find it, and had a 2-year-old tearing through there knocking books down and causing havoc, so I just gave up. I grabbed a quick Greece travel guide for LP and of course the other 2 had already picked out about 15 books between the two of them, of which I told them to narrow down to one each.

At the counter, the woman at the register said, "Did you find everything?" a question I know they are required to say to me, to get that one last sale, and I said, "NO DAMMIT! i NEED A book to read! and I can't find one!"

(you who have read my blog for years know, of course i didn't say this but it sounds so much better than the 'not realllly' that was uttered). She pointed to a stack of books next to the register and said, "this will make you laugh". I grabbed one off the top, gave it to her to scan and said, 'Done.'

I NEVER do this. I have to know about a book before I buy it, and really want it. It takes at least one good review or recommendation for me to even get a book at the LIBRARY.

When I got home, I started to read it, and could barely get through the first chapter. This was with LP watching baseball, and Rug and Mo wrestling on the bed I was trying to read it in.

The next night I gave it another try, and could not put it down. Then of course, I made the biggest reading mistake and read the rest of it in one night. Now I'm sad it's over.

In the first few pages, we learn about the main character, who used to work in bookstores, and who talks about how her and her co-worker would NEVER suggest the books near the cash register, as they were usually the ones the publishers are trying to push, but instead take the reader to Jane Eyre way in the back.

At that point, I realized I had just been duped by a publisher...but happily so. Because although I read (and loved) the publisher's pushed also convinced me to go read Pride and Prejudice, a book the character would have recommended instead anyway!

Now I'm off to start another book, one I've already decided I probably won't love, since it's about CANCER and really, not too excited to read but it was a gift, so I feel compelled. After that I'm re-reading "On a Pale Horse" a Piers Anthony book I read in junior high, about the Immortal Death, that I want Al to read but want to be sure it's not too racy for her...and then Pride and Prejudice is next on the list.

So I'm not the lady at the cash register, and I would wholeheartedly recommend "The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society" to anyone who wants a good, funny read. You'll love it. Just get past the first chapter. :) In a sense, it reminds me of my internet friends, people whom I have never met, and probably never will, but we can band together and feel as close as anyone can in 'real' life. My own society, as it were.

No potato peels though. That's just gross.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


i meant to add a pic onto that previous post. So here's one.

yes! It's me! I'm blogging!

can I organize my thoughts into one coherent post or not is the question though. Probably not. I feel like I am putting together a Power Point presentation sometimes when I think about blogging. Put in my most important points with asteriks, timeline them, and put a small paragraph or two on the main ideas. My English teacher would have been so proud of my outlining abilities.

But I chuck it all and throw caution to the wind, instead just typing as I go and not knowing what might come out.

I've lost my voice the last few days, so that is probably the catalyst for my writing. I can't speak, but I can type, by golly. LP is enjoying it thoroughly, because when I try to speak I sound like a forlorn bullfrog, and even I can't stand the sound of that.

It's the last week of school for Al, and on Friday she will be a....SEVENTH GRADER. Dear Lord in Heaven pray for me. Also, I've become the mom from "Because I said so" in that there is this boy who just LURVS him some Al and she is so nonchalant about him...and I am all, "AL! He is SOOOO cute!! Are you kidding me!!" and she is, of course, all, "WhatEVER mom (tween eye roll)". Ah, do you realize when I started this blog she was in 2nd grade? Holy cripes.

Both of my kids are going back to the private school next year. Both of them were SUPPOSED to go to the public school, but somehow they coerced us into staying. Not sure how I feel about that yet, but I know they will both be happy there at any rate. Just hope it doesn't make them too sheltered is all....

RUG still has a few weeks of school left, she is at the public school right now...they leave in June for Greece, and I am still torn about whether to go or not. I have a small window of opportunity if I do go. Anyway, her grades have improved significantly at the public school, esp. in READING (she likes to read! And gets books without me begging!) so I was disappointed when she said she wanted to go back to the other school. I know it's because it's been hard making friends for her, but I do wish she would have given it more of a chance. Funniest thing she did lately: For Mother's Day, she wrapped up an old bracelet of mine, with a card attached that said: "Please check here if I'm the best kid ever: Yes: No: "

She is awesome.

Mo is crazier every day. We have yet to set sail for the Potty Training Island but that will be here soon enough. Sneezing in front of Mo is the best, the way she says, Bless you! and then you say thank you, her 'You are WELCOME' is the sweetest thing since the invention of Laffy Taffy. Also, she really, really loves rocks.

My goose family has grown, because apparently they told their goose cousins about our place and so we now have 3 families of geese on our pond. Makes for a lot of cute gosling sightings.

On an unfortunate note, a bird has tried multiple times to create a nest in our BBQ grill. And she is PISSED about us taking it out every day. I feel bad, cuz, really, flying from here and there with all those twigs and such? TONS of work I'm sure. Only for her to find it gone again the next morning? Yeah, I'd be chirping my head off too. LP finally duct taped the holes on the side so she wouldn't start again. I love me some birds, but I really love LP's BBQ more, sorry.

Finally, last note, Debutant passed away yesterday, which just SUCKS for anyone who was ever touched by her, including ME. She was a beautiful soul, and will be missed terribly. I am in conjunction with Circus Kelli, trying to start up a Twitter page so her 'daily assignments' can continue as a tribute to her and her universal awesomeness.

Sunday, April 26, 2009


I've spent my only two paid days off that I've accrued to going to camp again with Alex deep in the woods of Southern Illinois this week. I truly enjoyed it last year. This, not so much. This was due to sleeping in a cabin with 3 walls in 40 degree weather, and parents who were more concerned with drinking than spending time with their children. The kids were really well behaved.

But it was nice spending time with one of my favorite daughters. I was complimented by one of the other moms as having a daughter with 'one of the brightest personalities she'd ever come across', and I guess when her child had been picked on earlier in the year, Al was the only one who'd come to her defense. Makes my heart sing!!

Today I am nursing sunburnt arms, which is odd for me, as it is usually my face that is beet red, but somehow I put enough sunscreen there but my arms are definitely half cooked on the one side, raw on the other. These are the sacrifices one makes when one has a 5 hour track meet, 2 soccer games and a birthday party in one day. We were out in the sun for a total of 11.5 hours yesterday. Mo was the only one who did not get a lick of sunburn. We like her best, I suppose.

Rug is preparing for her trip, and, after taking in all the advice, I have decided to stay back. It is KILLING me for sure, I is GREECE for pete's sake. But, I just have to suck it up and perhaps take my other daughter(s) on a trip while they are gone. I am still thinking about having Al go too, but I don't know that I could bear to have all of them in a different country without me. They went to Kentucky last weekend without me, and that was hard enough.

May is going to be a quick one, we have a lot going on. I am still riding the Tour de Cure June 6th, and I have yet to set my booty on my bike since I've registered! What! I know, I am a loser, but the weather has been awful. Today, of course, is gorgeous, since I will be inside in front of a computer all day! Naturally.

I have little to say, just a little check in if you will. Also, in my sunburnt stupor, in bed last night LP and I watched "What happens in Vegas", and, as valiant as he is with his malaria nets, Ashton Kutcher could not make this movie funny. I suggest you not make the same mistake I did and waste your time on it. Can you say, 'studio obligation'???

here is a pic of Al and I at the Grotto at the Camp, where they have mass in a cave!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My conundrum

Do you all remember a few months ago when I said Rug was nominated to win a trip to Greece to play soccer?

Yeah, well, she won.

I know, I am SOOOO thrilled and excited. But of course, with everything, this comes with a big decision.

See, she gets her trip as well as ONE adult, paid for. That leaves us with me, Al and Mo to pay for ourselves.

Now on first look, this was a no brainer, right? I mean, a chance of a lifetime.

Here come the contigencies:

1. I have only had my job since August, so the likelihood of me getting the specified days off is iffy to probably non existent.

2. On average, this trip will cost about $2000 per person. We are getting $$$ for 2 of us, but that leaves us with 3 left. That's $6000, not including food. I think we may have to eat, going on past experiences. I haven't tried to not eat for a week, but maybe it is doable. Then again, all my past experiences have not included being surrounded by sumptious Greek food 24/7.

3. Then there is the whole kid under 3 issue in a foreign country. i mean, i have a hard enough time controlling her at Target. Can you imagine me containing her on a 9 hour flight? i can't foresee me getting off that flight having made lifelong friends. Furthermore, I have heard the streets of Greece aren't exactly stroller-friendly, and toting a 2-year-old around who has no interest in the Parthenon seems to completely have the opposite effect on my excitement. That is what it boils down I want to spend $$$$$ on a 'trip of a lifetime' that I probably won't enjoy as much having to deal with meltdowns, and trying to appease a child while I am looking at ancient ruins? It's not like I can afford a nanny here, people. Although...Sue? Charlotte? Want to go to Greece? Would you be willing to swim over?

4. On the other hand...the other option would be to leave little Mo behind with grandparents. Seems easy enough right? Hmm. First off, you haven't met the grandparents, so there's that to consider. Secondly, could I really leave her behind? What if something, God forbid, happened to us, I would leave her here to grow up alone without us? I couldn't stand the thought.

5. So here is the other thing, which, only a psychotic Disney person like myself would suggest. Actually, LP was the one who suggested it. If Al, Mo and I stayed back, that would save us about $7000 which we could use towards one KICK ASS of a trip to Disney world later in the year. I'd accrue more time off from work, plus it would be a trip we know we would ALL enjoy, hands down. And we could even stay at the Polynesian if we wanted to!!! And have like every dinner be a character meal! What say you!?!?!! (dang it when are they going to have a character meal with Jack Sparrow? That would be way cool).

Okay, so there it is. Regardless of what happens, I am so proud of my daughter, and what an opportunity, right? I mean, wow! She is a stud, for sure. If anything, she can bring me back some souvlaka.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Only Weekday Rates

When we moved here, my neighbor warned, "Don't feed the geese. You will have a mess." I was a little disappointed, because I remembered the joy I had taking the older girls to the park to feed the ducks/geese, and how much joy it might bring to Mo if she had her own pond of geese in her backyard. But, I obeyed. I was tempted, but I never have fed any geese since we've been here.

We do have a birdfeeder, though, that brings in tourists from all over, orioles, wrens, and my dad, the naturist for life, sits and points out ever different species to me, and then I tell other people, as though I knew all along. It's great.

I digress.

In late February, I started noticing two geese hanging out more often at our pond than usual. There have been a dozen or so geese on my pond since we've been here, but these two just seemed to stay longer.

A few weeks ago, I was driving home from taking the girls to school and almost hit one of them with my car. One of the geese was on top of the field next to the road, seeming to say, "Get up here!" while the other goose was halfway off of the road, almost saying, "Nope, I'm taking my time, just chill out!" I almost got out of the car to help her/him up the trench, but then I thought to myself, that is a little crazy cat lady kind of thing to do. But I got home, and got my binoculars out to be sure she/he got up the trench safe and sound. S/he did, and I was relieved.

A few days went by, and they were back on the pond. I was glad to see they were safe, but questioned my own sanity for caring about two geese so much.

Every morning in March, I would get up, eat breakfast and sit with my two geese friends, watching them, clearly a pair mated for life. They never leave each other's side. They are always there in the morning, I count on them to be there.

One weekend, they were gone. I was sad, but hoped maybe they just took a break. A vacation.

Sure enough, Monday morning, they were there.

Saturday came...and they were gone again.

Monday morning they swooped down from wherever they weekended, and that evening, LP said to me, Hey! Did you see the new goslings? I looked out, and sure enough, four little 'quackers' as Mo calls them, were snuggling up to their mamma.

So now I had a family, and they have given a finality to moving here, as if they are saying, this is your home, and we like it, so we are staying too.

Apparently, though, our weekend rates are too much for them. I will see them tomorrow!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Almost April!

Can anyone else believe it is almost April? 2009?!?!?

I was listening to the Sirius/XM 80s channel this morning with Rug, and "Heat of the Moment" came on. I told her, when I was 9, this song came out. The lyrics sang, "And now you find yourself in '82"...and I remembering thinking at the time, wow! Why did he write that, it will seem ridiculous in 1986 when he sings it!

And now it is 2009. Way past Y2K, way past Space Odyssey, certainly way super past Orwell's 1984.

But where are the flying cars darnit?


We have been surrounding ourselves with things this month that in no way correlate with one another.

The Nickelodeon Kid's Choice Awards were a very big deal here in our house. Seriously. Huge.

Then we bought the new Bond movie, Quantum Solace or whatever. LP and I watched it together, for two very, very different reasons. (Daniel Craig, OMG.)

(that was my teenage reaction to the man. He is hawt.)

Al has started IGI...or, the Catholic version of sex ed. She is 'like SO' embarrassed by the way I am acting about it, but fortunately for her, they are easing them into it, and the first days have consisted of how to deal with bullies. No diagrams of boy's plumbing as of yet, but she had it last year, so I know the worst is yet to come. Good times. LP just pretends he has a lot of important stuff to look at on his phone when we talk about it. You know, like Viagra ads and Youtube videos.

I have two items in my life that, on a normal blogging schedule, I would write separate posts about, but who knows if I will get to them. So, in hopes I have some time, please look forward to posts entitled:

Rug's New Teacher was Fired and How I Got into the Middle of a Shouting Match between the School Superintendent and the Teacher's Mom. (they were shouting, not me. I was just standing there.)

Rug has earned a Trip to Greece and It is Going to Deplete Our Savings Account!!!

Lastly, Mo bit it hard on some concrete stairs, and I think I have a picture of it. SHe loves telling people about the boo boo on her forehead. Loves it. well i can't find the pic, maybe next time!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Best. Day. Ever.

Remember how I said going to the zoo with Mo was one of the best days this year?

And remember how last weekend was one of the WORST of the year?

Yesterday, March 21st 2009, made the former pale in comparison, and wiped the latter completely off the slate.

Alex went GANGBUSTERS at the Speech Meet and got one point shy of a perfect score. She did the best I could ever hope for, and I even had to 'Putty high-five' LP for a 'hellz yeah we rock as parents' moment. We were so torn as to whether or not to make her try out this year, but we did, and then she made it, and then she owned it. That was the best victory Red Robin lunch ever! Then we got new tires for my bike so I can participate in the Tour de Cure in June, my first race. I'm excited, it's something I've been wanting to do for years. Now it's one step closer to reality.

After THAT, Al and I ran from our house to the 'main road' for the first time since we've lived here. Al said to me, "I think God made this place just for us." She was not kidding. It was exhilerating. Plus, all that treadmill running I've been done apparently has paid off, as I was able to run all 3 miles without dying.

I then took my 3 beautiful girls to the mall so the older two could get haircuts...the almost-12-year-old wanted 'sidebangs' again and of course I also had to pick up our copy of "Twilight" from the store. I wanted to get a picture of all of us with their hair all done-d up, so we went to one of those photo booths in the middle of the mall.

I have no doubt in my mind that photo booths are divine in nature and manufactured for the sole purpose of enjoyment by immature giggling girls. I had tears in my eyes we were laughing so hard. I will try to find the time to scan the pics that turned out, of which we had to have some airbrushed hearts on the top because apparently, the button was stuck and would only let us apply those to our final product.

Lastly I went to visit some old friends, and tho Makenna proceeded to jump on the bed, sit on the dog and more or less wreak havoc among her victims, it was a blast.

Even Al and Rug said on the way home it was one of the best days. "Ever Mom."

Oh, and where was LP? He got a nice break and stayed home doing 'taxes', which I believe is a code word for 'surfing porn' but I can't be for sure.

So I guess he had the best day ever too!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

where I go schizo

i have so many things to blog about...but first, i just remembered that Mo left the fridge door open so I must go upstairs to shut it.


Is that an analogy of my life right now? Absolutely. I barely have time to shift my weight from one side to the other at this point.

My job is the root of this, but I am not about to be "Dooce'd" to let you in on all of that. Let's just say that I have been vindicated, and I can sleep at night knowing I work hard at my job and try to do my very best. (and let me just say this short paragraph could be two days' worth of blogging, but again, I am going to just go ahead and choose NOT to go down that road!)

So, if someone were to come to me and ask me, "What's going on?" and realllly mean, "I would like to know what is going on in your life"...this is what I'd say:

I've thrown out all markers in my house, and it has worked.

My 2-year-old no longer cusses. This is directly correlated to my giving up cursing for Lent? Who knows.

I took Mo to the zoo last week and it was absolutely one of the best days I've had in a very long while.

Rug got to participate in the "Human Ice Cream Sundae" last week and I was able to watch her. She was very excited I was able to come.

Last weekend was a really bad weekend. I mean, Friday the 13th, a full moon, and the ides of March all at one time? Clearly that was a warning signal.

I was hoping to meet up with one of my blogging friends, but it wasn't meant to be...I did think it was pretty cool that I was at least in near proximity to one of my blog friends, as that has not happened before! Next time Shellibells!

Al DROPPED and successful DESTROYED our brand new laptop. Since I pretty much require one for work, we had to replace it immediately. No punishment could have equated to the shame and embarrassment she put upon herself. It really was an accident.

I am reading "Eclipse" and it is really, really good. At first, I wanted to chuck it out the window, because Bella...yeah, she is my least favorite character. but I am now at the part of Jasper's transformation, it is compelling. So glad I stuck with it. Still love New Moon, but we shall see what Breaking Dawn brings.

My husband's ex-girlfriend contacted him on Facebook and got into a very...uh, shall we say...TMI conversation with him. I was sitting next to him the entire time, but I was amazed at where the conversation went. She clearly still has some issues...and is very lonely. I highly doubt her husband knows she had such a conversation with my husband, and I'm not sure he would appreciate it if he did know. She wasn't coming on to my husband or anything like that...she just seemed very lonely in her life and perhaps questioned her decisions in life? I don't know...LP and I trust each other and he made sure I viewed the entire thing, it was just weird, you know? I would never think in a million years to 'friend' an old boyfriend and start speaking so candidly with him after so many years. Just, weird. Props to LP for telling her that I am his soulmate...yes, he was compensated adequately ;)

Lastly, the Speech Meet is Saturday. This is DEFINITELY a post for another day, but in short, Al is doing a serious monologue and I need all blog good mojo for her, as she does well, but last year got like one point away from a blue ribbon, so we are really nervous for her.

OK, I told you I had a lot going on, did ya think I was joking? Finishing up with some token pics of the chitlins:

How I know my daughter watches too much TV: Upon seeing this lemur for the first time, Mo started singing "I like to move it move it...I like to move it move it..."

so far the spring soccer season has sucked...and the only thing good about that is the alliteration I just used.

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Hoss, Meet Ernie.

Today my day started out learning that Hoss is gone.

And here is the background to that sentence.

When I first started my trek onto the Internet, I mainly belonged to one yahoo group, a group of women doing Body for Life, as I was. This was around 2003/04. I made a few friends on there, including Skwigg, who is a very funny lady indeed.

She was a reader of, and I instantly became hooked, the comments on Dooce's blog were about as funny as you were going to get.

That is where I 'met' the usual gang of idiots...most of the blogs I started to read. This was a large number back then, as they all sort of 'knew' one another and would comment on each other's blog as well as Dooce's...and I mean to tell you, those comments were laugh-out-loud, I have to tell my husband about that one funny. Of course, it was never as funny retelling them as it was reading them.

I knew all of these people, but did not know a one of them.

Of all the blogs, I started reading Susie's regularly the quickest, mostly because, as most of you know, Susie is fabulous in every way but loose. I adore her. She was the one who introduced me to Hoss.

I cannot tell you what post it was that led me to Hoss, but I remember the first thing thinking, "This cannot possibly truly be a 75-year-old man. He has the wit and charm of a frat boy. I'm sure this is some funny young kid pretending to be living in an old folk's home as a lark". Hoss was SO funny, I for some reason or other thought he could only be a young cad being facetious.

I was partly wrong.

From then on, I lamented about all the blogs I read and how I probably would never have any readers, and Hoss decided to become my Army of One. He lived up to that, and I always knew I would have a funny comment from Hoss waiting for me after every post.

He and I became fast blog friends, emailing each other about this or that, but mostly just stupid jokes we'd heard that day.

I could only imaging explaining to my mother how my buddy was a 75-year-old man I'd never met, and how she would probably never understand that. LP, however, did, thankfully, and was never threatened in the least at my adoration for him. Nor was he perplexed when I received an Oregon Ducks sweatshirt as the one above from Hoss in the mail.

I only wish I could have met Gene in person to tell him how he truly has touched my heart. From reading other comments about him, I am one of many. He taught me to never take yourself seriously, and to always be young at heart.

His obituary, written by him, ends: "He will be cremated and immediately he will be reincarnated." I'm sure as a dung beetle, as he would want it.

Love ya, Hoss.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

totally random, but here it is.

LP calls these bean bags our 'moose poop' chairs. They are sooo comfy though, obviously.

I took Mo to a local 'science center' (the Magic House, been there since I was kid, but is MUCH cooler now) and she really liked the 'princess' area with dress up clothes, a pumpkin carriage, and of course a royal dinner. She had a blast.

I'm still working like a mad woman, but it looks as though tomorrow I will get to take Mo to the zoo. that will be fun.

Rug made me watch the reality show about the Duggars the other night, no really...she MADE me...I guess she was implying that their mom doesn't cuss and they are all happy and la-dee-dah...and actually, it weirded me out cuz, like, they really do SEEM to be happy and normal and really whatever. Although, seriously I do get saving money and not having your children be slaves to consumerism, but Peter pan collars were never a good look. For anyone.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

why thy blog has failed

Something happened to my laptop. All arrows point to the Instant Messenger thing my 6th grader has added to the computer, so she can 'LOL' and 'OMG' her Bff Jill. So, now i have all these computer certificate problems that I do not have the patience nor the brain power to full understand or deal with. Therefore, the laptop is used solely for the websites I can get to, which usually consists of and the Onion.

Lately it's gotten better at Facebook, and it has become my outlet. Which leads to the next reason my blog has failed.


Seriously. Now I have two jobs, and this new job is kicking me where it hurts. I have about 1/8 of a second on a daily basis to collect my thoughts outside of the MRIs and CTs and PET scans that I am listening to and typing. I can eke out 140 or so blurbs, but to be able to actively make up a post for a blog is near impossible.

I also have not been able to read as many blogs, due to above mentioned computer thingee. It never allows me to comment and that frustrates the hell outta me. So I read, but can never comment. I've become a 'lurker', and that is not something I like.

We have also gotten back to the task of putting this house back together. Just this weekend we were able to finish painting the basement, RE-paint all the areas where my 2-year-old drew on the walls...and put shelves up and a new DVD storage shelf so said 2-year-old cannot destroy every DVD we ever owned.

Oh yeah, that 2-year-old. She is defining the term. If I cannot see her, she is up to something. She shaved her pointer finger this weekend with my daughter's razor. Didn't even cry. Took me 25 minutes to stop the bleeding, took me 23 to get her to stay still so I could apply the pressure. She is one bundle of fun.

With that, I hope all is well. Send me a shout out so i can keep touch with all of you if anyone even comes here anymore.

Friday, January 23, 2009

i have been tagged by Shellibells to give 7 random facts about myself. I am not Chuck Norris, but I would like to be, so here goes.

1. My favorite smells are cinnamon, cherry and coconut. My least favorite is vanilla or musky smells. Please note this if you are my husband and are buying me shaving cream. I HATE VANILLA.

2. I played the flute up until my freshman year of high school. I quit the band and my mother was so upset. It was just not my thing. I was pretty good, from what I understand. Oh well.

3. My grandparents took me to Disney World when I was 7, and I remember very little about it. The biggest thiing I remember was that Epcot was being built, and my grandma bought me a stuffed "Lady" from Lady and the Tramp.

4. I had an uncle who biked the state of Iowa, and to this day that remains one of my biggest things on my 'to do' list. Although I'd prefer a different state, Iowa is completely boring (but flat!).

5. I never once got drunk in high school. I had alcohol but was so frigging nervous about it all I never got drunk. Of course, my freshman year of college, all bets were off!

6. Mystic Tans do not take on my skin. I'm one of those people. It just doesn't.

7. I really, really do believe 2009 is going to be a year of change.

OK, well I'm supposed to tag 7 people, but I don't even think 7 people read my blog, so just enjoy knowing a little more about me!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

long week

it's been a very, very long few weeks. I think I am not the only one, from what I've read. My laptop crashed, so LP had to fix it and he's stored ALL of my pictures somewhere I cannot find. Therefore, I can't finish the 2008 roundup. Which really, is pretty irrevelant now, since it's the middle of January.

Al had the spelling bee last week, and she froze up on the word 'exercise' and spelled it 'excercise'. She said she would have rather done the spelling bee in front of a billion strangers, as opposed to 300 kids from her own school. Sadly, door #1 was not an option.

LP was out of town last week and we were so busy, it went quickly and I was so tired from it all,I actually slept instead of being up all night like I usually am when he goes out of town. NOW, however, it's almost 1 a.m. and here I am, awake. I blame mexican food for that.

Mo peed through her diaper last week during Mass during the Homily, alllll over my leg. Appropriately, the Homily was about Baptism.

that's all I've got, next week is Rug's birthday and if I get around to finding those pics, I may finish up 2008 and put it to rest.

Have a good one folks,

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Yesterday I was gearing up to rock the house with our New Year's Eve party so I was unable to blog the Say Qua Year in Review.

Also, I was working.

But today, the first day of 2009, I had to wake up early to share the post with you that pretty much equates to a bad Christmas card newsletter.

Oh, and I have to work(blast my job that I work from home and in my jammies...oh no wait, I love my job, nevermind. pay today, BONUS).

Last night we had friends over, played "Partini" (which was fun but...totally read the directions prior to starting the game. Total buzzkill: a blonde like me deciphering how to play a game while everyone is waiting) and then something my friend dubbed the Michigan game, which ended up the biggest winner and reducing all of us to tears from laughing so hard. In a nutshell: No expectations = Great time. I've always known that. Plus, have good friends, that helps, too.

on with the sheeeewwwwwww.......


And you are already reading someone else's blog. i know, "Shit, Jana, al-freaking-ready with the Disney? Enough I say!" Well too bad. This was an unexpected trip to The Happiest Place on Earth. We could not have had more fun if we tried. The weather was iffy some days, but this was a case of High expectations = Disney can always deliver.

For all you anti-Disneyites:

Rug also turned 8, and I rocked the Mom world by surprising her with tickets to the Disney Pirate & Princess party. (see how I snuck that in?) Also her aunt made her a Wheel of Wow Cake, for those sans kids, is a Webkinz reference and if you know not of Webkinz, be ever so grateful.


Clearly February 08 was one of the less exciting around here, as this is the only pic I have in my 02/08 folder. The girls went to see the Jonas Brothers. I do recall my 11 year anniversary as far less exciting than the year before (but Vegas was the year before, again, expectations) thus one of the least favorite, I was sick and we ate sushi at home and it just pretty much sucked. Expectations for this year will be high! (but note, already we have a soccer tourney that weekend, so guess who is getting to eat her anniversary dinner at an indoor soccer facility? Oh yeah!) (oh yeah...but seriously 11 years is pretty kickass though ya know? That's as old as my oldest daughter! Oh wait, never mind.).


New Year's resolution: To keep better tabs on what occurs Feb-April. I'm at a loss. Also, LP just came down insisting he ate something bad, he's been puking. Yeah, you ate something called 35 years of birthday cake and drinking ain't what it used ta be! Hello?!!?! He drank Crown Royal out of his "Pimp King" glass all night last night, that doesn't equate to good feelings the next day, duh!

Anyhoo...this is Rug's 1st Communion and she was so beautiful and sweet that day. Rug is my 'tough exterior' kind of girl and as her mom I love to see her at tender and more vulnerable moments. So sweet.


Ah shoot looking at the pics made me realize...let's go back to March. My aunt died and I took the girls to Dixon, IL to her funeral...that was a lot of dramz for my mother...and then of course, LP bought his new car that month. Big points on the Say Qua scale, and I'm totally glossing over them. That's what happens when you drink Blue Moons all night before (note to LP: I stuck with beer. It's a better way to go).

Only pic in my April file. I could actually go back to my blog posts and find out what happened in April but that would take effort. I'm not about effort. I'm hanging a bit today, folks. Perhaps next year. Or this year, whatever.

I do recall two out of town soccer tournaments this at which LP almost got arrested for verbally accosting an angry soccer Dad. Karma ruled over and we won the game, but I'm sure that guy weaves tales of how he almost got punched in the face by a guy that sort of looks like "Dante" from the movie "Clerks".


Can be summed up by this cute girl (the one in the red, not the other one!):

So fun. Zoo runs, Pere Marquette, hiking, playing, going to camp with Al, roller coasters, May had it all. I wish May could represent the entire year of 2008.

JUNE: Just we started hard core looking for houses. We had looked for awhile in 2007, but were ready to have another go at it. Lots of house hunting. i fell in love with HGTV. We had a lot of soccer drama this month, it was tryouts and there are still a few relationships from that we have yet to recover. So sad when soccer dictates your life and all the hurt you allow it to cause. I love soccer but it certainly isn't worth what some others put into it.

Al left me for a week to go to camp and people I was MIS-RUH-BULL. She tells me now she knows there was 'no way we missed her as much as she missed us'. Whatever kid. I went fetal without her. So glad she had fun though. Oh, and I ran out of gas in LP's new car on the way to pick her up. That's a story for the future son-in-laws. Another reason I can only be thankful LP continues to put up with me.

Al also has a "Mystery Sleepover Party" that rocked the tween set and resulted in the BEST Picture Of The Year:


Madness begins. We put a bid on our present house 07/11/08. Put our old house up for sale I think 07/16. Sells the first day FULL PRICE. Then inspections and guess what...we have radon. No go. 35 showings in all, I wake up every day and say a 'thank you' prayer I am done with all of that! ugh the cleaning and the leaving and the showings and the hope and...July was a LONG month. (insert me singing "Roller Coaster!" here)

So exhausting:


Still trying to sell the house. Ah, first week of the month and my boss informs me they are cutting my salary in half. Good times. I took this picture that day to remember how Mo was the only one who could cheer me up that day:

After that we took a trip to Holiday World and much to the wonderful technology that is the iPhone, i got a new job and corresponded with them via the iPhone as I was in line to ride the scariest roller coaster I've ever been on (the Voyage). Mo had so much fun and the German restaurant we ate at twice still remains the Official Worst Service Ever for a Restaurant but We Don't Care Cuz the Food is just That Good.

Ah heck. I have to continue later. I spent all this time organizing these pictures when we bought this new laptop and they are just completely out of whack, and it's giving my OCD a run for its money. Plus the Blue Moon headache has emerged from my ibuprofen eclipse, so i will finish later. Sorry to keep you waiting.