Sunday, December 31, 2006


Happy New Year from ours to yours.
Here's to a great year and happiness and love in 2007.
But no more being pregnant for me! Woot!!!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

For the Rest of Us

Because the airing of grievances is very important.

Get your Pole today!

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Happy Holidays

So here's the thing.

During the 9 months of my pregnancy I was miserable. I was nauseous 24 hours a day, tired all the time and extremely uncomfortable. With all that I became a crabby, crabby human being.

I also was very scared.

I was convinced something was wrong with me, with the baby, something horrible and awful was going to happen to me during labor.

I worried day in and day out, about what was wrong with me or the baby, worrying about what would happen. So sure that doom was lurking around the maternity ward corner.

So when Makenna was born, and she was immediately swept away to be shaken and stirred, cleaned up and processed, I cried.

I cried because she was absolutely perfect.

I cried because I immediately stopped feeling sick.

I cried because I knew my days of throwing up after brushing my teeth were over.

I cried because I would be able to sleep on my stomach again!

I cried because I was so grateful.

I cried because I learned again what I knew all along--that worrying is just as effective as chewing bubble gum to solve algebra.

I cried because I am so incredibly blessed in my life.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Pie Misunderstanding

LP tends to use old euphemisms and phrases that you would normally hear coming from an 85-year-old man who spent his life working on a farm. I call these his curmudgeon-isms. The girls and I are all used to it, and it is not unlikely you will hear my 6-year-old say, "Well, six in one hand, half dozen in the other." LP prides himself on these, and sometimes even attempts to make new ones up, causing us all to groan because they are usually pretty pathetic. This is a man who still calls the freezer an 'icebox' and exclaims, "What in tarnation?"

Every now and then, he hears someone yapping and will tell them, "Shut your piehole." Now, he never says this in anger, just usually when Dubya is on TV or when Rug is trying to plead her case when she is up on charges given by her sister that she swung the cat around by her front legs.

The other day, LP, Rug and Al were driving in the car (I'm assuming I was still in the hospital). Apparently the road got very bumpy.

Rug says, "Oh Daddy, this road is so bumpy it's making my piehole feel funny!"

He turned around and said, "What? Why would it make your piehole feel funny?"

She replied, "Well, isn't your piehole your privates?"

LP was silent for a second. "Uh, no it's your MOUTH. Where you would put pi...I am NOT having this conversation with you!"

So all this time Rug thought her piehole was something altogether different. Great, where on earth did she learn that?? The last thing I need is my 1st grader referring to her special purpose as PIE. I've got to pay closer attention to what is going on around here!

I am very interested as to what her idea of shutting her piehole meant.

No wait. I'm really not.

*(the picture is of my neighbor's yard after the ice storm)

Monday, December 11, 2006

Haven't left yet

But we are recovering from last week's ice storm that put us out of power...and of course we're trying to get used to being on 'baby time'!! Things are great, wonderful, awesome. She is such a great baby and I am so blessed.

Will write more soon, hope everyone is well.