Thursday, April 21, 2005


Al is back from the dentist, so happy that it is over. She was not happy about the gauze she had to have stuck in her mouth for 15 minutes, so I took it out and now she is in the den watching Brother Bear, one of her favorite movies. Glad that it's over!

On the way home we were trying to make her laugh, and driving by her school, LP said, "Oh, it's only 9, let's just get your uniform on and go to school!"

Rug, turning her role as Antagonizer of Big Sister into Defender of Big Sister, yelled, "STOP making fun of her. Can't you see she's got a bunch of paper towels stuck in her mouth? I mean, really just leave her alone."

Okay there Hall Monitor, settle down, settle down.

On a different note, we were watching a Disney DVD planner last night, and when Rug saw the big statue of Walt Disney and Mickey, she yells, "Oh look! There's the Alton Giant!" She was confusing the creator of Disneyworld with the world's tallest man, whose statue is in a nearby town that my parents took them to visit a few weeks ago. LP said he'd pay her $3 to yell that when we see the real thing in Disneyworld, just to make Mommy turn red and laugh.

Hold on to your Mickey ears, Orlando, the Quas are coming and we're bringing our toothless and don't-care-what-they-say kids. Here we come!!!


Circus Kelli said...


That's great! I'm glad everything went well.

I smiled at Riley's comment. :) Don't they surprise you sometimes?

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