Tuesday, May 24, 2005

top 5 trends that needed to stop a long time ago

5. 80s miniskirts. Okay boys, I know you're loving them, but they're making adult women look like morons. They should stay on cute high school girls, I agree, but they're branching out, just like Spandex biker shorts did in the 80s, and that was pretty bad.

4. Try-to-top-this birthday parties. Who the hell had a Sweet 16 birthday party? What the frick? I got 2 movies from Blockbuster, some pizza I paid for myself, and a black Metallica T-shirt for my 16th birthday. God I'm embarrassed for these people.

3. Dogs as accessories. When did the Humane shelter start having to stock Prada?

2. Tom Cruise. Sorry, but this guy is losing it. And I quote, "When I make a move like that, I'm saying, this is MY WOMAN!" What the hell? I want the old Risky Business Tom back, not this odd, deformity Robin Williams-esque Tom that flits around on crack.

and the #1 top trend that needed to stop a long time ago:

1. Celebrity on reality. I do admit I watched a few episodes of the "Surreal Life" when Vanilla Ice was on (word to yer mutha) and the Osbournes were entertaining the first season, but after seeing the excess and the poutiness and the spoiled rottenness of horrible individuals, it's time to stop. Yes, Britney, I'm talking straight at yo mug, Princess.


paintergirl said...

I have to agree on all fronts! Especially the Tom Cruise(I loathe him,except when Ben Stiller does him) and celebrities on reality.(?!) What about leggings? I loved them for so long but I've had to send them away.

Vajana said...

Tom Cruise icks me out. He is freaky. I bet he's one of those Hollywood types that has a weird shoe fetish or wears diapers or something. Maybe he's a plushie and is into fur suits!

paintergirl said...

well he is gay and a scientologist. not that being gay is wrong but pretending you're straight is. he is very icky!

Vajana said...

Yes I've heard from a very reliable source that he is gay and I really wonder what Nicole Kidman has to say about that, she seems a little bit more levelheaded than he is. My 'source' also told me George from the Jeffersons is also of the gay persuasion, which totally threw me for a loop. George!

paintergirl said...

Ok-Nicole is gay too. Honest-my husband has some sources. It really doesn't surprise me.

Vajana said...

huh, I have to say I didn't see that one coming, no pun intended. Interesting. Maybe her last name was a play on words or something?