Thursday, May 05, 2005

random things

so yeah, Reeg and Kelly will be taping the VERY DAY we will be at Magic Kingdom. Sigh.

I got the $200 CD yesterday for the KSHE van, Aaron's uncle 'pulled some strings' and got it for me for $175. Oh what to do with that 25 bucks?

Al had a soccer game last night and apparently the stopwatch they had 'stopped' working so the game ended up lasting an hour and 20 minutes! Whew! They won 4-1 but it was probably more like 2-1 since they played till sundown.

I tanned yesterday, trying desperately to get some color on my honky ass, and yeah of course that is what is sunburned. Ouch!

So we're leaving in less than 24 hours. I am way super excited. Tired, due to transcribing until after midnight last night, but excited. Now I just have to figger out the language of Regis and Kelly fans, get on their good side, understand their dialect so I can figger out what their strategy is. This. Is. outofCONTROL!

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paintergirl said...

I hope you have fun at Mickey's! Cheers!