Thursday, May 19, 2005

This is one of my favorite pictures. There are so many things going on yet it is so simple. Sibling rivalry at its finest.  Posted by Hello


paintergirl said...

is that your oldest in the background? ok that's me when i was a kid with my mean older sisters. You can't help but laugh at this photo. I almost want to print it out but my husband will question who these girls are and then I'll have to explain I have a blogging problem and I should be painting.

Vajana said...

no, the oldest is the one in front, Alex. She's 7. She got her first tooth out and I wanted to take a picture, of JUST ALEX. Riley, age 5, could not handle. I chose to ignore, but she worked her pout into the pic nonetheless! Classic.

Oh, and yes, my husband cannot comprehend the whole blogosphere, and when I read one when he is around, he says, "Who the hell are those people are why are you looking at them?" I completely understand your plight. Well, at any rate, Riley's pouty face could inspire you with that Butler-esque moody stuff you were wanting to do!