Tuesday, May 17, 2005

domino effect (in no relation to that awful movie with Ashton Kutcher)

Here is the dilemma. I am a stay at home mom, or SAHM, or Shit Ass ho Mother Fucker on most days. it gives me a lot of time. More time that I'd like to admit, less time than i admit to my husband that I have. It is a spiral though, and I've learned in the first year that if you are not out of your PJs by 9, they ain't coming off and you will have to hurry scurry around 4 pm to take a shower and be presentable if you want your husband to arrive home to a wife and not a mangy looking dog-like wife. (no mention of pearl necklaces will be on this website thank you very much, this is a family site!) Anyway, now that I've discovered blogs, well, that just shoots an hour out of my day right off the top.

I wake up, get my breakfast, get the kids moving, make the beds, start a load of laundry, then PLUNK goes my sweet ass in front of this computer. And I read.

I used to start at www.dooce.com but now I've found Kristine's blog to be my first. Then CircusKelli, paintergirl, homedetentionlady, dashababy, susie and then Dad gone Mad, who usually ends up having me have to go to the bathroom.

This would be enough, but no. There are comments, that make me laugh OUT LOUD so then I have to follow the link to THEIR blogs, and then THEY have funny links to OTHER blogs, it's just madness.

So please, all you bloggers out there, STOP BEING SO DAMN FUNNY.

No wait, keep being funny. It makes me feel better about myself, knowing you're out there.


paintergirl said...

I feel the same way. That is why I have to force myself to cut back.I seem to take too much time.(slow typer and thinker) I've found some great people here in blogworld and YOU crack me up!

Vajana said...

Do they have Bloggers Anonymous yet?? Thanks, I appreciate the nice words. Man I've been getting a lot of great mojo lately, not gonna question it though! :)

snaps79 said...

Hey! I'm tickled to hear that you visit me during your morning routine! I hope that alligator picture didn't make you toss up your breakfast, though.

Vajana said...

i can relate to you HDL--I used to work at a home for abused kids so I know all about the kids you deal with. I loved that alligator picture but I had to take it down before the 7-year-old with all the damn questions came up and saw it.