Thursday, May 26, 2005


I really suck. That being said, I have no plans for Memorial weekend. See? I told you. I feel like such a losah.

Other things that are going on:

Rug's graduation last night: She was so proud, and I took a picture that looked frightenly like a high school graduation, so I deleted it because it hurt too much to look at!

Old friend getting divorced: I feel really bad for him. He told me today she paid homage to a 19-year-old in their basement while he was sleeping. Ouch.

New friend has bad news: I found out yesterday Rug's best friend's mom has breast cancer. It looks pretty bad, and I am devastated. She is a wonderful person and I pray she comes out of it okay. I feel for her so much, and she's only 40. I run the Susan Komen 5K every year, and I really never thought I'd actually have someone to run it for.

Adventures in Babysitting: I started babysitting again for our neighbor girl, Claire. She's a great kid, and the girls get along really well. But no more running around the house naked singing Rick Springfield. Oh, not that I did that before or anything.

Adventures in strep throat: One of those things, Rug has been complaining of a sore throat for a few days, and instead of getting her antibiotics I just let her eat all the ice cream she wanted. Today I finally took her to the doctor and she gave her some antibiotics and told her to eat A LOT OF ICE CREAM. See? I knew what I was doing.

Free day: Tomorrow Aunt Kim is taking the girls to see "Madagascar" so I will have the afternoon to MYSELF. What to do!!! What to do!!! I'm going to pee I'm so excited.

last of all, ladies night: And I'm feeling right. Yes, all of us 2nd grade (now 3rd!) moms are going to the racetrack (horses not Nascar dears) tonight for a buffet and all the drinks we want. It should be fun. It's always fun to watch the Stepford Wives get all drunk and throw up on themselves and tell each other what they really think of each other! Good times, good times!

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