Tuesday, May 31, 2005

top 5 things I wish I still had from my childhood

5. My mom to put me to sleep. Insomnia last night made me wish for those nights when she'd rub my hair and sing me Ray Charles songs. If I had that, I know I'd sleep better. LP just rolls over and snores.

4. The ability to act silly anywhere, anytime. If I want to start belting out a song in the middle of a store, or start dancing on top of a picnic table, it really just is not as acceptable now as it was when I was 8. Damn adulthood.

3. Kangaroos. Man, those shoes were AWESOME. When I needed a nickel, I had one right there in my shoe! Yesssss!!!

2. Colecovision. We played Ladybug and Pole Position all the time, and my hand actually got callouses on them. Yeah it wasn't no Atari but that's what made us cooler than everyone else.

and the #1 thing I wish I still had from my childhood....

1. Rock hard abs. I was a dancer and full-time playground enthusiast as a kid and since we were poor my diet consisted of Cheerios and pork steaks, so I was always rail thin. Al has my exact body type, too. If I knew then that I'd become a poochy saggy belly mamma I would have thought twice about eating all those damn french fries. Evil!!!


Random and Odd said...

awww...I wish I still had my dolls and I wish I could still be in my own little world.


Thanks for bringing me back for a few minutes.

Vajana said...

well I would have said my smurfs collection but mom still has that...but you will have to wait until Friday to see that!!! :)

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