Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Okay, I've told this story to 3 other people, and only one of them acted surprised or thought it was strange, so i thought I'd throw out to you all.

While LP, the girls and I were waiting in line at the Happiest Place on Earth to ride "It's a Small World", I saw this woman, let's call her She-Ra. I saw a person come up to this woman and say, "What is this?" The 'this' said person was referring to, was the fact that She-Ra was not only carrying in her arms 3 Build-A-Bear like stuffed animals, but also had 3 or 4 more of them in a LARGE STROLLER pushing them around the park. She-Ra's husband/boyfriend/gargoyle was carrying 2 more, and another, older woman (Mary Poppins?) was carrying 2 as well.

Now then.

She-Ra responded to the 'what is this?' question in a matter-of-fact way: "These are my children." Okay.

Now, I know there are people out there who have stuffed animals for decoration, or Beanie Baby collections, etc. But She-Ra, man, this is going way past the getting a prize at the county fair obsession with stuffed animals.

My first thought, being a mother of two, was, "What the hell, why on earth would she want to RENT a stroller for some motherf***ing animals? I didn't even rent a stroller for my children and they are LIVING BREATHING BEINGS." This of course comes from my years of diaper-toting and pumpkin seat carrying and my idea of a good time is the less to lug around the better.

So stay with me here, this She-Ra girl, not only has her hands full with stuffed animal goodness, she is also pushing/navigating a LARGE, rented stroller through thousands of people.

Here's the topper.

She is dressed HEAD to TOE in leopard. Leopard tights, shoes, shirt, and of course the accessory that puts it all together, the leopard ears.

I'm totally digesting all of this, and as I pull my camera out to take a picture, my husband yells, "NO!" He was afraid She-Ra might act on her animal instincts and pounce me and my new digital friend. (See? I have friends too, I just don't RENT THEM STROLLERS) Therefore I have no evidence of She-Ra and her furry pals.

But when I was standing there in line and watching her, (yes, I did watch her board the ride and I think they only let her bring 1 or 2 of the friends along) I recalled a show I saw on MTV a few years ago.

Apparently in this world of ours, there are "Plushies" and "furries" and I don't know which is which, but they are sexually aroused by people in fur suits, being in fur suits, and pretending to be furry animals in general. Seriously, this is whacked out.

She-Ra was SO one of those people, and I really had to keep my personal space after that when I went to hug Eeyore.


paintergirl said...

What the frick? I wish your husband let you take a snapshot. I'm still trying to picure a woman with bears dressed up like a leopard. You have made my day.

Vajana said...

True story, swear on my daughter's Build-A-Bear.

Random and Odd said...

OH MY GOD. not just OMG...but OH MY GOD!