Sunday, May 22, 2005

I had a bad feeling about this

But now I feel great. Revenge of the Sith was great. I really, really liked it. And I loved that my kids kept up with the plot, and linked it all together with the other movies. Riley, when the babies are born, leaned over and said, "Now, is that Leia or Luke?" :)

It was fantastic. My brother, who started this whole thing for me when we saw it as kids, didn't like it as much as I did. He feels like there wasn't enough character attention, too many battles. Well I thought it was awesome, and George didn't rely solely on CGI crap to make it look good, which I thought was the big problem in Phantom Menace. Oh, and Jar Jar, dear God.

Wow. What I geek I am (eh, yoda). I don't care. But, seeing this pic did teach me something though.

My husband and I are SO made for each other. When Obi-wan does something in this movie, he and I locked eyes and both of us afterwards said, "Oh my gosh! Did you see that part? Wasn't that cool?" and we both knew exactly what we were talking about.

I love that we are Star Wars geeks together. It's our little secret though.

I will tell you that he was wearing this shirt he got at MGM studios that says "Rebel Alliance" and I told him he might as well have worn a C-3PO shirt or something. He said he 'forgot' he had it on. Yeah, whatever. Geek.

But he's my Star Wars geek.

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paintergirl said...

That is SO sweet. My hubby went to see it without me. that's ok though, he had a free pass from work and well I could have gone too but I don't have a baby sitter yet. i'm excited to see it sometime. I'm still a fan of the first one, and I know the new one ties everything up.