Monday, May 30, 2005

living in the sunlight loving in the moonlight

Having a wonderful time!!

We decided that today was such a beautiful day that we would ALL go on the bike trail, together, as a family.

People who do not have children will not and cannot relate to this post. When non-parents want to go for a bike ride, they go. They get their bikes, tra-la-la, what a grand day it is. They ride, they smell the honeysuckle, they wave to other bikers, they come home and drink iced tea and have lovin' in the middle of the day.

We have 2 children. It does not go down like that.

First, I spent 20 minutes with a crying Rug because I told her to wear shorts instead of the skirt she had on. Slamming doors, screaming and a huge hissy fit later and she wears shorts. "Fine! Are these okay with you?" Ga-rumph.

Next, 20 more minutes of Rug crying because her helmet does not fit anymore and I make her wear one of my helmets. "This is SO embarrassing," she cries. "What does embarrassing mean?" I asked. "I don't KNOW but it is." Ga-RUMPH.

I videotaped the whole thing, it's great blackmail material.

So then there is about 10 minutes of her crying saying she will not be able to keep up with us and she WILL NOT be riding her bike. Oh, the drama. Meryl Streep was certainly channeled today.

We arrive at the bike trail, and for approximately 15 minutes we are enjoying the day, riding, feeling the wind in our hair, smelling the honeysu.....ERRRrrrRRRRRRRR.

Al does not understand the idea that you CANNOT brake when someone is right behind you. We had two or 3 pile-ups due to her slamming on her brakes with us right behind her. THEN Ms. Speedy Fastgirl decides she does not have to follow the bike trail rules and goes on the OPPOSITE side of the track, causing 2 poor bikers (with no children I'm sure) to almost wreck and fall off into a ravine. I had to use the middle name on that one.

She knew she had screwed up, but was not at all happy with me pointing that out to her. So she stopped talking to me and rode far ahead of us.

Then we smelled more honeysuck.........WHAMMMMMM!!!

Rug totally and completely wipes out. Watching something else entirely, la dee da. LP had to carry her back in his arms, walking both the bikes back to the car. There was quite a bit of blood, so the only positive part was LP had to take his shirt off to stop the blood and I got to see him shirtless.

We finally get to the car, put the mangled bikes into the KSHE van, slide in, beaten and conquered by the drama of the bicycle ride, and Rug says,

"What? We're leaving ALREADY???"

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