Sunday, May 15, 2005


Well we are back. I want to post about 8 million things but my house looks like a hurricane hit it so I have priorities here people. Anyway, we had the time of our lives, it was so much fun. I hate to use the term 'magical' but it truly was.

a few gems from the trip:

When we got to check in for our Cinderella dinner, the hostess asked, "How many in your party?" LP said, "4". Rug grabbed his arm and said, "NO! We have 5!!" (the 5th being Cinderella of course, duh!)

Maria, the CM (that's short for 'cast member'...there are no 'employees' at Disney ya know) at Big Thunder Railroad, saw Al looking a little tired and said, 'Are you having fun?' Al just said, 'eh' (she was hot) and Maria said, 'here, give these to your dad, maybe that will cheer you up'. She handed her fastpasses for Splash Mountain so we did not have to wait in line. I was so appreciative I took Maria's picture when we got off, and when I did she gave us MORE fastpasses. That was pretty cool.

At Magic Kingdom, the girls got to do the hokey pokey with Minnie Mouse and limbo with Eeyore. It was raining so a lot of people left, so it was like their own private party with the characters.

And last of all, to tug at my heart, I asked the girls what their favorite part of the trip was, and Al, with NO prompting whatsoever, said, "Being with you and Rug and Daddy."


Oh my gosh I wish I could bottle up the feelings I had and keep them forever.


Random and Odd said...


pictures? lots of pictures right?

Glad that you had fun. We had a blast a few months ago when we went!!

Vajana said...

oh yes lots and lots of pictures!! My darling husband gave me a digital camera right before we left (not a BAMF but it'll do) so it was put to good use!