Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Ode to Regis and Kelly

Oh Regis, you're such a funny guy
You laugh and make the ladies cry
but to me you are a thorn
you make me so forlorn
why are you visiting Disneyworld the exact same week as I?

I've planned, I've saved my pennies so,
my week would be the perfect show,
but now your fans will yell
and shriek and cry and smell
while my girls try for an autograph of Pluto.

Oh Kelly! you're cute and squeaky clean,
you're just a little jellybean.
but my plans have gone awry
i just want to sit and cry
Live with Regis and Kelly will be seen.

So Magic Kingdom here we come,
the plans are made, the trip is done.
I hope your fans are nice,
And treat us without a vice,
Because I will have to go medieval on their asses if they act like rude lunatics.

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