Thursday, March 31, 2005

Final Countdown

Now that you have "Europe" ringing in your ears...there's only 36 days left until Disney World!! Woo hoo!

I'm not excited about seeing anything but my daughters' eyes when we walk into the Happiest Place on Earth.

And my husband who is a self-pronounced curmudgeon, dealing with the saccharine he will have to swallow the whole time we're there.

Oh, I'm so excited!!! And I just can't hide it.

So here's a spontaneous top 5 list for you:

Top 5 trips I've taken in my life

5. Washington D.C. 1982- We drove in a borrowed van and the brakes went out in the Appalacian Mountains. THAT is extreme sports. I was 9 at the time, and the thing I remember most was seeing the First Wives' gowns at the Smithsonian. It was a great trip.

4. Panama City Beach/Orlando 1989- I went with a friend of mine and her parents. Life is good when you are more concerned with seeing boys than seeing Mickey Mouse.

3. Cedar Point 2002- This is my only fear about Disney World. Cedar Point ROCKED. 16 roller coasters, are you kidding me?? I'm afraid Disney will be a sideshow carnival compared to this place. When we went everyone said to us, "What the hell you goin' to Cleveland for?" (assuming all my friends are hillbillies) There was so much to do, and we are definitely planning a return trip. And my mom brought a toaster into the hotel room and got it confiscated by the 'hotel police' and seeing my mom getting busted was worth the price of admission alone!

2. NYC 2003- For my husband and my 30th birthdays, (is that correct? I always forget, and dammit good English is impotent. I mean important!) his uncle flew us out to New York where he lives a few blocks away from Times Square. It was our first trip sans kids, and we had such a blast. Key moment: An older man from New Jersey asked me where I was from. "St. Louis," and he replies, "Oh, the mountains out there are beautiful aren't they?" !!!!

1. World Tour 1995-- A friend of mine and I decided when we graduated from college we would drive cross country. Unfortunately we didn't plan on some idiots robbing us in California and smashing out the back of her car window. We drove 35 hours straight home, and although our trip was cut short by 3 weeks, it was the best time of my life. Key moment: innertubing in New Mexico down the Rio Grande.


paintergirl said...

WOW! How exciting for you. I think you'll like it because it is magical, a bit cheesy but special. I was born and raised in Mickey town and I never get tired of it (Disney that is not Orlando). I can't wait until we take our son there too.
And to comment on your trips, your mom getting busted, how did you stop yourself from laughing all day? My mom would have been furious at me.

Vajana said...

oh it ended up to be such a mess...when we checked out they had the 'confiscated' toaster in a meeting room that NOBODY had the key to, and by golly my mother was NOT LEAVING without her toaster.

She also went to the park wearing flip flops, no lie. That's my mum!!

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