Tuesday, March 08, 2005

you can't take it with you

well we purchased our new minivan last night. We decided to go with the Dodge Grand Caravan, because it had the great accesory called "Being sold by LP's Uncle". You can imagine that this model comes fully loaded, natch.

I've never been one for gizmos and gadgets, and whatnot. I want a reliable car that will take me from Point A to point B.


Last night driving from the dealership in St. Peters home (approximately 45 min.), while my husband tinkered with the GPS system, my daughters watched "Finding Nemo" on the DVD player, I experienced what some call Nirvana.

I sure in the heck do not mean the band headed by Kurt Cobain either.

I am talking, better than sex-better than brownies-hell even better than PEANUT BUTTER--euphoria.

I drove home without raising my voice one time. No fighting, no bickering, no arguing, nothing.

I drove over the Mississippi River in pure, unadulerated bliss.

Hell YEAH I am loving my new pimpin' minivan. Screw youth! I embrace thee, Soccer Mom American Dream!!!

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Circus Kelli said...

Oh, yeah... our (now) 2-1/2 year old *hated* riding in the family vehicle -- a Ford Expedition. One day, we got into an accident had eventually replaced that Ford Expedition with a newer one -- one complete with a DVD player.

We drove all the way down to Florida (from Illinois) and back, and we still couldn't get her out of the Ford.

I usually take the "road trips/around town trips" time to nap now. :)