Monday, March 21, 2005

just another manic monday

It's sad when the highlight of my day is the fact that I went to Big Lots and there was a huge sale. Sad, sad, state of affairs. What's worse is that I'm totally excited about it. I got all my Easter shopping done! Apparently a big drugstore chain went out of business so Big Lots bought up their stuff and is selling it at 1/2 price. I got all kinds of namebrand stuff for cheap, vitamins, lotion, shampoo, sunscreen, etc.

Yes, it is sad what has happened to me. And yes, summer needs to come soon. Yes, I need a life.

Oh but I felt like Jerry Van Dyke was there with me in spirit baby.

It's a wonderful life!!

Tomorrow night I will be watching the "Gastineau Girls" on E! entertainment television. The show is awful, awful. It's a reality show based on a mom/daughter duo who have a lot of money and not much else. Anyway, they're based in NYC and my husband's uncle Jimmy has a bit part on it. He is playing a mover. So hopefully he will be on either tomorrow night or next week so I can stop watching this awful show and move on to something more entertaining like Mah Jong on the computer!!

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