Thursday, March 17, 2005

different story

Have you ever noticed that sometimes people don't like other people merely from word of mouth? I remember having a conversation about a girl I'd met with a friend of mine, and she said, "Oh, I HATE her." "Why?" I asked. She seemed pretty nice to me. "Oh she said this one thing about a friend of mine once." ONCE? So, one thing this girl may or may not have said causes someone to hate her. How ridiculous. And this friend I was talking to, I remember her starting a fight at a wedding because she didn't like the way a bridesmaid had looked at her. I'm sure this friend had NEVER said anything bad about anyone in her life, either.


I try to remain as open minded as I can be about people, and see the good in everyone if I can. It just seems that one comment a person can make in their entire lifetime can sum up their whole persona for other people, and that's a shame. I wish everyone would be a little forgiving and realize that one comment does not summarize a person's entire entity.

Here are some phrases I know I've spoken and probably pissed off a bunch of people:

"I am never having kids. They're annoying."

(well look at her now, the bitch has 2 of them)

"I'm from Belleville."

(that bitch thinks she's so great because she's from Belleville)

"I hate Belleville."

(what a bitch. Just because she doesn't live in Belleville anymore, she thinks she's so great)

"Peanut butter is so good!"

(Does that bitch expect me to eat peanut butter just because she likes it?? What a bitch.)

So careful what you say, misconstrues are always around the corner!!!

(that bitch thinks she knows everything!!!!)

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