Tuesday, March 29, 2005

shh its a secret

Okay this mom calls our doctor's office today, and tells the assistant that her son went on Spring Break in Mexico, and then got lost for 4 days, then they found him all confused and out of sorts, and they flew him back home, and wanted to know if the doc could give him blood tests and a psychiatric evaluation.

When I left he was in the waiting room reading a copy of "Green Eggs and Ham".

Yes this will end up on a Girls Gone Wild tape somewhere.

Yes there was tequila involved.

Yes that guy's picture is on his frat's house board as "Our Leader".


Circus Kelli said...

Vajana, that's very scary.

I think I may opt to be the worst parent on the planet and not let my kids go on Spring Break ever...

Unless they're married and have kids. Then they can go on Spring Break to someplace like... Nebraska or somewhere.

paintergirl said...

Oh my heavens-I have lived through many sordid crazy spring breaks, but disappearing. WOW! And you are sooo funny! My hubby and I have to comment everytime that Girls Gone Wild commercial comes on. And then we saw another show commenting about those videos and they said girls will do anything for a t-shirt and a hat. Or a few seconds on a video to flash your boobs and think they'll be famous. (meaning you and you two breasts)

Vajana said...

Can you imagine what the phone conversation was when he finally got a hold of them?

"Uh, yeah Mom? Yeah, like I'm totally lost...and I don't think I'm at Senor Froggs anymore!!!!"

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