Thursday, March 24, 2005

Radio Vajana

My iPod is my best friend. If I may paraphrase Will Ferrell on "Inside the Actors Studio":

If you do not have an iPod, go RIGHT NOW where iPods are sold or rented, and BUY one right now. It is the most glorious thing ever created.

Right now I am cleaning the house. I will be playing in the background my playlist entitled "Clean the house" (Wow! I'm so smart!) On my playlist I will hear the following:

Modern day Delilah- van Stephenson
It's not Unusual-the incomparable Tom Jones
Time will Tell-Asia
Golden Years-David Bowie
Rotting Pinata-Sponge
Who wants to Live Forever-Queen (this song usually gets me through cleaning litter boxes)
Train in Vain-Clash
I miss you-Blink 182

Hey, I didn't say it was the epitome of playlists, but those dishes aren't gonna clean themselves!!


paintergirl said...

You should check out Scissor Sisters-they will help you clean your house so quickly. My husband heard a critic say it was like gay disco, but they are so much more.:-)

Vajana said...

Ahh Scissor Sisters. I have heard a lot about them. I will check them out. What room of the house do you recommend applying them to?

paintergirl said...

The bathroom-I hate the bathroom and it will go by in a flash. Of course, it really makes you want to dance and have a beer, but cleaning the house fast is always a good thing!

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