Friday, March 18, 2005

oooh that smell

Oh the instant I walked into that hospital last night, that SMELL just hit me like a ton of bricks. I had flashbacks of when Shawn was there in August.

He is still in the ICU unit, so the girls were unable to see him. That was strange too, because the last time he was in an ICU room, he was in a coma. So Shawn was in the same room with all gizmos and gadgets he had before, well, sans the ICP reader and the breathing tube, but this time he was telling me how much he hated the food there! It was a very good visit, and he was in good spirits albeit very tired.

Afterwards we went to Caleco's downtown St. Louis for dinner. It was good. Downtown was hoppin' due to a wrestling conference and the whole Final Four commotion.

I think LP was finally able to relax though. I know this was making him very anxious.

Tonight is Rug's circus, and this morning she woke up, singing!! Yeah that never happens. She was skipping around singing, "Today is the big da-ayy!!!" She will be Rug the Amazing Tightrope Walker tonight. It will be hee-larious.

We have NOTHING planned this weekend other than going to the hospital. I am going to try to run 3 miles tomorrow morning and get back to my running routine. We'll see how successful I end up being!!! Have a great weekend!

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Circus Kelli said...

That is great news, doll. I'm glad everything is going well so far.

Wish Riley good luck tonight! I'm sure she'll have a blast!