Thursday, March 24, 2005

Grunge years

I was in college fall 1991 through Spring 1995. Pearl Jam was still singin' songs and not trying to be David to Ticketmaster's Goliath, and the Internet was something I'd only heard about. I had to do research in a library (n. place with lots of books) and had to use real cards to play Solitaire.

*Sigh* And I miss those days??

My senior year I stayed in Stevenson, a dorm with 'suites', and it was co-ed. I lived with 5 other girlies, on the 4th floor. Across the hall was a group of Anyway, my 21st birthday was in September so although I did not know them very well, all of these guys took me across the way to Marty's, where all students start on their 21st birthday.

Well, usually they don't END up there, but I did. Really, really, really drunk.

After throwing up all night and into the next morning, they came to check and see how I was doing. I knew, when they took pictures of me leaning into the toilet, that we'd be great friends.

I would go over there at all hours of the day and night, usually bringing my cross-stitch or my Gameboy with me.They were highly entertaining, and even though I'm sure they got tired of seeing me there, I was dubbed "4C Party Girl", a mascot, if you will. I'm guessing I only gained that title by sharing my ideas on oral sex and the like. (none which will be shared here right now, at least not right now) And may I stress I shared my ideas, not my skills!! :)

Anyway it will be 10 years since I graduated from college this year and I am hoping to see them all again in the fall. We are planning a reunion and I'm looking forward to going back to Marty's and doing 11 shots of Goldschlager in a row, just for them.

Well, maybe I'll do 11 impressions of me doing 11 shots of Goldschlager.

But I'll definitely be sharing more ideas on oral sex for sure.

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