Saturday, March 19, 2005

saturday night special

Upon driving home from the hospital to visit Shawn (who is doing great, btw) LP suggested we rent movies tonight. He suggested this seeing how cranky I was and I told him I really did not want to spend another Saturday night doing laundry and cleaning the house.

We get to Blockbuster and there is NOTHING that captures our interest. The girls are fighting, so we relent and let them EACH pick something out instead of just one movie.

As I go to a different aisle, I hear a CRASH!!! and immediately think, "yep, my kid."

Rugy knocked over the entire shelf in the game aisle.

So we say our apologies and get in line. I grab popcorn. When he runs our card, we learn that the last time we rented a movie, we returned the CASE but not the DVD. LP tries to bargain, "What can we do so I can leave here with my sanity?" The guy tells him our account is on hold until they get the movie back.

We drive home in silence.

He finds the DVD on the computer desk (why??). I take it back, rent "Barbie Fairytopia" and a video game for Al and go home.

The question is, do I want to start the colors or the whites first?


Circus Kelli said...

Oh honey, I'm *so* sorry about the way your Saturday turned out. I really am. *Hugs*

I start with whatever pile is bigger -- usually, that's the whites. :)

Vajana said...

thanks for the good thoughts and hugs! I definitely needed them. At least I got to sleep in Sunday.

The colors were actually bigger this weekend...our toilet overflowed so I had a big pile of towels! (oh, did I forget to mention the toilet overflowed!?!?)