Sunday, March 06, 2005

Life altering moment #2

Place: My boyfriend's (future husband) apartment
When: Fall 1996
Scene: In bathroom, ept test turning bright pink the instant my urine hits the stick.

Me: Ah! It's pink! The line is bright pink! Oh my GOD!

Boyfriend: No, wait...wait sweetie. It's gonna fade. It'll fade.

Me: (looking quizzically and a little annoyed at him) FADE? You think this bright pink line is going to FADE?

Boyfriend:, no I guess not.

Me: (stunned silence)

Boyfriend: Well, let's go eat!!!


nasdoc said...
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nasdoc said...

You left out the most important part--What did you have to eat? haha

Vajana said...

Well since you asked...we went to Houlihan's and I had chicken as I sat and listened to him talk about weddings, and jobs and, money and...all the time I am thinking, "There is something growing inside of me! And it's not gas!"

nasdoc said...

That's how you got into that predicament in the first place -- sorry, could resist the set-up.

Vajana said...

ha that's pretty funny. Serves me right for allowing such an open door. (again with the puns)

nasdoc said...

So does your priest know this story? He may settle for only teaching your child to put gum in her body.

Vajana said...

no but he did tell me since I wasn't married in a CATHOLIC church that I was no longer allowed to take the Eucharist. Whatever. I also had a dad on my daughter's soccer team tell me that he wanted to make sure there were no "damn Protestants" on our team. Yikes!