Thursday, June 01, 2006

Top 5 Jobs I've Held in My Lifetime

5. Janitor in college. I only had to work like 1-2 hours a DAY, it was great. All I had to do was clean up the bathrooms at the gym and then vacuum the boys' basketball locker room. I learned two important things: 1. Girls are WAY grosser than boys. 2. Basketball players really don't care if you accidentally walk in on them naked. They almost enjoy it. (or is that common knowledge?) Oh! And I gained a new nickname, the "JANA-tor." Har de har.

4. Waitress at Ponderosa. My first 'real' job. It wasn't the waitressing, I loathed that, and will forever tip my waitresses plentiful for the crap they have to endure. No, once I was 'promoted' to Salad Girl, that's when the fun started. Who knew refilling chocolate pudding and caesar salad could be so much fun? And hanging out in the freezer with your boyfriend? (who was the fry cook btw, I'm so proud). We'd come home from work smelling MIGHTY nice. Whew!

3. Transcriptionist. What can I say, I love my job. It's so easy. I had just quit my full-time job and had a baby, and one of my friends was transcribing notes for her aunt who was a therapist, and she hated it. I offered to help her out, since I A) love to type and B) have serious social anxiety so what better job to have than working from home? And I was right. I also was doing research notes on an Alzheimer's project, and it was very interesting (and heartbreaking) since my grandma was stricken with the same disease. I went back to school to get my medical certificate and now I have a great job working from home so I can blog when I need to! Woo hoo!

2. Camp secretary/store operator. My senior year in college I went with a friend of mine to work at a girl's summer camp in Minnesota. It was so much fun, and Minnesota is such a beautiful place. Each night after dinner the girls got to go to my 'store' and have snacks, as there was no candy allowed. I also had the task of going through packages to make sure no candy was 'smuggled' and once I found a teddy bear that had been re-sewn STUFFED with candy. Like contraband! I felt like the guy finding the nail file in the cake Pee Wee Herman made for Mickey.

and the number 1 job I've held in my lifetime:

1. Lemonade maker at the County Fair. Ohhhhhhhh, yeah. I do not have any idea how I got this job. Or how someone would let a 10 year old squeeze lemons for lemonade, but that is what I did. And it was the best damn lemonade you ever tasted. I do also remember having the day before played an intense game of "Summer Games" on our Commodore 64, and getting the lemon juice in a cut on my palm. Nice, nothing like having freshly squeezed lemonade made for you by a kid with open sores from playing too many video games. Damn kids these days.

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Amy said...

Friggin cool jobs you've had, Jana. I know ponderosa! We had one in Ontario when I was a kid.