Wednesday, June 28, 2006

And the winner is.....

It looks as though we are bringing yet ANOTHER female into this brood of ours. And I could not be happier. ELATED would be my feelings on the subject. I would not know what to do with a boy.

However, why do I get the feeling that people will act disappointed when I tell them? Like somehow we have let them down by not producing a man to carry on the family name?


When I told ONE of my in-laws already (I'm sure I'll get the same from the other side) the first thing they said was, "BUT WHERE IS MY GRANDSON?"

Well apparently he was lost and someone decided we should be an all pink household. Geebus! What the hell is wrong with people?? And then they make fun of my husband for not being able to make 'one with a stinger'?? WTF!!

Anyhoodilee doodilee.

Ultrasound machines have reallllllly improved since last time I had one, and I could see everything. I slept much better last night. All of her fingers and toes, and her heart and stomach, and even a few times her precious little face. Unbelievable. Last time I had an ultrasound it vaguely looked like a vertebrate. I have pictures, and I will try to scan them if I can. It was just so cool. I bow to the person who invented that machine, and even to the sonographer who snapped her gum the entire time.

The girls were there too, and got to see everything. They were so excited to have a sister, and could not believe they could see her spine.

So now the next fight begins. We secured a boy name. What will this baby be named??!?!? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! But I have to warn you, I am firmly against the names Oprah, Apple, or Scout. Just ain't gonna happen. Or Snowball.


Circus Kelli said...

YAY for another girl! YAY for her having all her digits!

I'm glad all is well, Jana. Don't pay any attention to your family. Families are goofy. :)

Bente said...

Hooray! Bring on the pink! If I could be guaranteed another girl I might consider going back for a third...might, but since there's no chance of that I think I'll stick with the two stingerless ones I've got.

A name I loved when deciding on Kali's was Kasey/Casey. Yeah it reminded me of Casey and Finnigan, but I still think it's a sweet name.

kalki said...

For some reason, when it comes to babies, people do NOT know their place.

Yay for a be-fingered and be-toed little girl!

Christie said...

woot for girls!

Vajana said...

i appreciate all the well wishes!! i do like the name Casey, but it has been ruled out by LP already. He and I are REALLY having a tough time agreeing on a name. Piper is his #1 choice but I HATE the way it sounds with our last name.

Michelle said...

Congratualtions! I really like the names Katherine (with a K) and Sarah (with an h).

The Kept Woman said...

Yea for a girl and yea for healthy!

I know..we have two girls and are DONE with kids and people always asked how my hubs felt about not having a boy.

Like I had a choice what I was going to give him, right?

Reese Anne
Regan (with a long "e") Delaney

Circus Kelli said...

Name: "Jessica Lynn" was the one we finally settled on when we were pregnant with our third child. We didn't need it, though. :)

I've always like "Alexandra", too.

Vajana said...

MKS: It's funny you mentioned Sarah, both my children have named ALL their dolls Sarah. So we have plenty with that name!

TKW: Oooooh I will throw Delaney out to LP. I like.

CK: Well I already HAVE an Alex!

Odd Mix said...

Sadly, even family can be thoughtless idiots.

Girls ROCK! I have three of them (and one son) and would never change a thing.

Odd Mix said...

And I like Francesca, Rebecca (Rebekah), and Faith.

Circus Kelli said...

Oooo! Ok, in that case, I like Faith and Hope. :)

Cat said...

Hurray for YAY!
Man. Hearing about the new kickass ultrasound machines makes me want to have another one because NO FAIR! With the clear shots! And seeing more than a blob called Peanut Head!

But anyhoos, congrats. Girls rock. Solid. I mean it. Seriously, Tanner won't even let me do his hair, you know?

S. said...

Congratulations on having another wonderful GIRL! And poo on those who are less than excited for you.

J Bo said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! I am so happy for you!! Another girl is A VERY GOOD THING! (and I should know!)

I've been on a 'L' name kick with girls and I really love Lucy. (You can't have Lydia or Piper cause that's my new daughter's name!) She can be your lucky Lucy cause they say that 3 is the Magic Number and that good things happen in threes.

And your in-laws are insensitive and they suck.