Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Weekend warriors

We decided at the last minute to take the girls camping Sunday. Some friends of ours already had a huge campsite and had invited us down.

Camping has got to be on my top 20 list of favorite things to do. My dad was an Eagle Scout, and he was also a teacher so he had the summers off, and we would go camping at least 2-3 times each summer. I love the smells, the sounds, everything about it.

LP hates camping.

Well, that's not true. He loves camping, he hates sleeping on an air mattress in a TENT. He'd much rather be in an air conditioned, sound proof cabin. Yeah, you knew he was a bit prettyboy, didn't you? We have yet to come up with a solution, as cabins are muy expensive, and IMO take part of the camping out of camping. Ah but fortunately both my kids love camping so they're on my side, and majority rules, in this situation anyway. A popup camper would be the solution, if we had a tow package on the Minivan, which we do not.

We stayed at a great campground, surrounded by a lot of fun and great people. Some I didn't know very well, but all of us had a fantastic time. There were at least 20 kids total, and there were no fights! A few words, but no real crises. The girls beat the boys in water football, they all took turns on the rope swing (**note...this picture was taken by me, balancing belly deep in water on a log with my digital camera, thus the poor picture quality!**) had a massive marshmallow fight, ate smores and made memories that will hopefully last longer than a few days! And the best part was being pregnant, everyone waited on me even when I didn't want them to. How's that for a quality weekend!


Random and Odd said...

LOVE the picture!! that is awesome!!

Vajana said...

really? I was seriously balancing on a log in the water!!

Bente said...

I have to agree, it's a pretty great shot. All blurs really catch the feeling of it all.

I also agree with LP about camping. I have only gone four times, three of those in highschool and I was very drunk - necessarily so. Sounds like you guys all had a pretty great weekend though.

Amy said...

Yay! What fun! I love the smell of campfire and that damp woodsy feeling before it gets dark.

You let em wait on you, darlin'.