Monday, June 26, 2006


I knew this past week would be a doozy, but I did not think I'd be gone so long. This week looks to be much calmer. I should have blogged, I really should have. I am neglecting it. Soon the blogger police will come and revoke my blogging license I just know it.

It was my oldest one's 9th birthday this past week, so I've been consumed by that. I had 11 other 9 year old girls in my house by CHOICE Saturday night for her birthday sleepover, and as wonderful as it went, I am worn out. Yesterday we had the grandparents/family over for her birthday, and a slight incident involving yelling and stomping off (NOT the children) topped off quite a weekend.

I need a little while for all of it to sink in!!


Lazy Lightning said...

Wow, that seems like way too many 9 year old girls in one place at one time. Amazing.

Vajana said...

they were actually very well behaved. I was amazed. We had a sleepover two years ago and 9 year old were much easier than 7!

Circus Kelli said...

Wow, hon... get some rest when you can. You're growing a baby, you know! :)