Tuesday, July 19, 2005

WTF Tuesday

There's been quite a lot going on lately so my blogging hasn't been stellar, but I had to post about my dream last night. I woke up thinking, WTF was that???

I was taking a tour of a candy factory *(*this stemming from a conversation with Alex earlier in the day where she said Charlie and the Chocolate factory should be called the CANDY factory and she thought it was false advertising since Nerds are more popular than Wonka bars, go figure) . Several women and I got onto this funnel-shaped 'ride' that actually turned out to be a taffy puller and one of the women got caught in the taffy and swept away. After the ride we all realized the owner was some maniacal cannibal making people into candy (Soylent Green!!).

All I remember was the taffy was like a light green-blue.

I guess this whole Johnny Depp as Willy Wonka is really freaking me out. I'd much rather see Jack Sparrow back, personally.


paintergirl said...
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paintergirl said...

yeah-give me johnny as keith richards any day! and might I add, what a messed up dream! I like it though. very creative.
all of my dreams lately are about finding people and things.

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