Friday, July 01, 2005

ebony & ivory

ebony & ivory
Originally uploaded by Vajana.
My keys--oh wait, you meant my CAR keys. My bad. But now I've got you singing Stevie Wonder all day today, so my work here is done.


J Bo said...

Thank you for putting that damn song in my head at 5:45 in the freakin' morning! Nice take on keys, though!

Vajana said...

Hey we're livin in perfect harmony, word!

Lucky Lum said...

ha ha, very clever!

Random and Odd said...

YAY! I love it when people put a spin on stuff!!

This is the second piano I have seen today.

Oh and, "Here's a story of a lovely lady...who was bringing up three very lovely girls....One had hair of gold..."

Now get THAT song out of your head.

LizzieDaisy said...

Good thought... I have a baby grand in my living room, but it hasn't been tuned in probably 15 years and sound horrific. Bummer too. I miss playing and finally have the time.

Vajana said...

Lucky Lum: Clever is not something I've been as of late but I'll take the compliment!

Kristine: Dammit I'm still trying to get "Tomorrow" out of my head from your post the other day!!

Lizzie: Girl, get to playing!! My daughter takes lessons so when i sit down to play it's always, "No, Mommy listen to this!!"

SoozieQ said...

Clever you are...the keys got me (but the song has GOT to go though!)