Thursday, July 14, 2005

30 days

I have a show that LP and I now watch religiously every week. This is a big deal for me, as I don't like much television and rarely settle my ADD down enough to watch an entire show. I'm usually doing something else, but of course now I have this wonderful blogging addiction so I've got that going for me. Yet I digress.

The show is entitled "30 days" and it was created by Morgan Spurlock, the wonderful individual who brought to us the movie "Super Size Me". If you haven't seen that, well before you stop off at the nearest drive-thru you might want to pick that up first.

The idea is, for 30 days, either he or someone else recruited for the ride, will do something for 30 days that is out of their realm of comfortability (is that even a word?). So far he's lived on minimum wage, had a Christian live with a Muslim family, had a 30-something guy go on hormone therapy, a devout homophobe live in San Francisco with a gay man, and two fun-loving New Yorkers live on an eco-village all for 30 days.

The latter episode was on last night. These two individuals, experiments if you will, had to live on this commune, with only solar power, no meat, growing their own food, building a house with MUD, heating their showers with fire, and sustaining only from what Mother Nature has provided.

When I was in junior high and big bangs were all the rage, I left my curling iron all day one time. My dad grounded me from my curling iron for ONE WEEK. Do you have any idea what it was like going to school without my big bangs? Torture!!

So imagine having no power, no blowdryer, no 'products', no hot shower and NO water in the terlet.

I could barely stand a week without a curling iron, I doubt I would have survived.

Yet all of these people were able to conform to their surroundings and accept the conditions.


I'd like to see, for 30 days:

People who are rude to waiters/waitresses, having to work at a restaurant

My mother go without running a vacuum cleaner

Paris Hilton with no one caring where she goes or what she does (oh...wait, nevermind)

Sports parents playing, practicing and hearing their kids berate them as they do

A teenager living without cell phones, PDAs, etc. like I did in the 80s--listening only to tapes!

A movie celebrity staying at home with their children with no nannies or help, and then taking the WHOLE family to one of their movies, buy them popcorn and soda, based on an one-income family's wages.

What would you like to see for 30 days???


MommaK said...

Oh I love that show!!! I saw the Muslim episode a few weeks ago and it was really interesting. I have it tivo'd ;-)

Circus Kelli said...

I'd like to see my boss tell me, "That's ok, Kelli. You can stay home today. Oh, and we'll pay you time and a half to do so." ;)

paintergirl said...

I didn't know it was on yet. I kept seeing previews...
ok, I would like to see everyone who drives an SUV to stop for a month and see how cheap gas will get.

Um, I'd like to see all the cashiers that are rude and are totally unhappy with their jobs, to get bad service as well.

paintergirl said...

how could I forget this-
i would like to see my mom not find something to worry about for 30 days. Hell-I would take a week.

Vajana said...

Mommak: Tivo's are the best things aren't they!!! fast forward thru the commercials!

CK: I give you permission to take the day off, does that help? :)

Paintergirl: My mother could NOT do that, not for an hour. She is an incredibly, crazy worrier. I think my oldest has inherited it.

Chronic_Roll said...

who broadcasts that show? I don't have cable, so I haven't even heard of it.

Kate said...

I totally adore that show. The first one with the minimum wage made me cry. I love Morgand and his sweet fiance! And yes, I Tivo it every week!