Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Look who got their ears pierced!!

Originally uploaded by Vajana.
I've never seen anyone smile when the gun hits their ears but SHE DID. She has been walking around here like she is JLo ever since. Her diva factor has been upped about 10 points now.


Bente said...

Beautiful! I can't believe she was smiling either. I remember when I got mine done at about 7 years old after begging my parents to let me do it. I was crying so much after the first one that my mother had to bribe me with ice cream to finish the job. It was bubble gum ice cream, don't know how I can remember that!

Circus Kelli said...

She looks FABULOUS!

What a lovely smile!

I'm glad she took it so well. How old is she?

Vajana said...

she is five and I wish I could describe the face she had when they were done. It was a surprised/smiling/relieved face. I couldn't believe it.

mrtl said...

What a cutie! And the threshold for pain? Admirable!

Cat said...

Aaaaaw! The little diva! FABULOUS!

(Okay, I was gonna say "the little hoochie!", but I didn't want you to take it the wrong way... I bet when my daughters figure out what "hoochie" means they will be so VURY mad at me! But it's just so fun to SAY, you know?!)

You can't imagine the dirty looks you get when you pierce your bald little baby girls' ears at three months old. Seriously. You would have thought I was getting them tattooed or something, and I'm all, "No! No tattoos 'til their 8th birthday, DUH!"

FYI: My girls both screamed for, like, two seconds, then never thought of it again. In fact, they think it's weird that OTHER girls don't have pierced ears, and are all like, "Hey, Mom! What's up with those naked ears? Crazy."

Pissy Britches said...

AWWW!!! SO cute!
Beautiful lil' girl!
I got Lil' Miss Pissy's ears pierced when she was 5 months old and believe me..she was NOT fucking smiling one bit!

Random and Odd said...


and brave!

Vajana said...

Thanks everyone! I don't think she would have held still if I'd pierced them as a baby, she was always a squirmer. A few weeks ago she had to get her kindergarten shots and GRABBED THE NEEDLE from the nurse, so I was a tad worried how this would all go down. Very happily, thankfully!

MrsDoF said...

The day after my 18th birthday, I went and got my ears pierced. Had been begging for years for parental permission. Then I signed the paper for my 16 year old sister to get hers done. Mom was Pi**ed to say the least! Then Grandma and 14 year old sister got theirs done the next week. Ganged up on mom, yes we did. She still wears clip-ons.
At church, a 4 year old begged her mom to get her ears pierced. the Mom said the girl smiled when it happened, just like the precious child in this picture.
When it came time to put in new ones, I gave her a couple pair from my jewelry box, all cleaned up and ready to wear.
You are doing well with your relationship with your daughter. Look at that smile.

Vajana said...

Mrsdof: I can't believe you were able to wait that long to get your ears pierced. I had mine done in 4th grade and the back ended up lodged in my ear so I had to get it surgically removed! Dad was not pleased.

Thanks for stopping by!

Oh and Cat, you can call them hootchie anytime. That's my regular nickname for both my girls.

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